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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Active rest–what’s active rest?  Its mandatory and an essential part of the training program.  Rest.  Don’t work out for one day.  As simple as that mandate seems, a lot of runners, other athletes, forget to do this.  Recovery is necessary to progress in endurance.  The day of rest is something to look forward to–a reward for sticking to the program.

What constitutes the active part?  Well, I’m doing laundry now.  I woke up at the same time that I would do a training run.  I plan on taking care of some errands this afternoon on foot, so it means, include some extra activity that you wouldn’t necessarily do;  i.e.  don’t just lay on the couch watching golf and NASCAR all day drinking vodka.

So I’ll take the rest days to check in and feel what’s going on with my body and mind.

I’m really happy that I’ve kick started my training program and in the 3 odd months of…recovery? getting back on the trail I realize that I am a lot smarter, mentally and technologically.  I’ve added a GPS tracking device on my phone that maps and logs my runs for me as well as posting them up to my profile on their site,, posts as a twat (, and updates my status update on facebook.  This blog also gets posted to my notes page on facebook, so my one reader there doesn’t have to go to myspace as its been pretty much abandoned by everyone.  

I’m also using an application on my mobile called LoseIt which tracks caloric intake and calories burned through exercise and activities.  It has a database that is surprisingly complete and easy to use.  I set a target for my upcoming performance at the EndUp! on Tuesday, 5 May of the weight on my drivers license  which is 158 lbs.  I assumed I started at 165 on Connie’s scale, but I’m not sure, and I don’t own a scale.  I’ve spent to much of my money on drag to be able to swing that right now.

Bodywise, that bitch, the recurrent calf strain, seems to be under control.  I think that working out in the weight room is kind of balancing that.  One particular exercise is the Bent Over Row and I really stretch into it and can feel the stretch from the calves, hams and lower back. I have to look at some strengthening exercises for those muscle groups.  Or maybe the bitch has moved to my left shoulder which is sore today.  I started feeling it walking around the mission with a back pack full of meat and drag.

Cures? Solutions? I need to concoct an herbal exfoliating salt scrub and apply it as soon as I make some space and recover from the current drag attack that’s been going on since Easter and before the new one concurs, which is right about now.

Generally I feel pretty hot, disorganized and a mess, but I know I’m going to put on a good show Tuesday night.


Woke up at 6:29 and felt like a bit of a crank so I tweaked out on facebook and decided to get my bike out of the trunk. I figured I could get in a ride down the Embarcadero and still get home in time to meet my client even though I’m off on Wednesdays. It was a clash of schedules, but I do my best to work things out and it was just to trim her fringe for a wedding that her ex is also attending. So I got dressed in training gear and put on my Nike jacket and found my Nike Vapor Runglasses that have been missing since I put the Contour in the shop. HOLY DAYS. I found it, back on the trail with my sports mask and eye protection. Needed and missed, sorely.

I unfold my bike, set RunKeeper on Airplane mode, secure it in my Camelbak and strap that on to me. Click on my Shuffle, snap on my helmet, zip up my leather Marker Motorcross gloves and off down my street to the Chevron Station across from the EndUp! to inflate my flat tire just to find that someone has ripped off the valve at the air pump.

Having to work harder, down 6th Street avoiding morning traffic and tour busses realizing that my flat is just fine and my little bike is way cool. Right before the 280 onramp, my Shuffle dies and so I pull over by the freeway to disconnect and switch to the iPhone. I figure that this is a good test of the GPS redo my protective gear and then I’m on Townsend passing the Acadamy of Art Campus and Caltrains, swing down King behind the Ballpark and I’m on the Embarcadero.

I rode out on my favorite pier, 14, got off the bike, dealt with the gear and took some pictures of my bike and the scenery. I realized that my GPS wasn’t tracking me because I errantly set it on Airplane and it won’t work in that mode. I guess its bad netiquette to have a satellite tracking you when you are flying because it may interfere with the cockpit radar. I reset the mode and by then it was about 8:20, so I knew that I should be getting back. I was at a loss because my favorite street sculpture, a steel arachnid, was missing and by the time I got to the Ferry Building realized that it was permanently gone.

I pushed it to Pier 23 and turned around, detoured down the quaint antiquey pier and came home up Howard Street weaving through Downtown morning traffic. That’s why I always use protection.

I got home exactly at 9 as my Badtz-Maru battery operated bedside alarm clock was just starting to chime. Uploaded my pics to my profile while waiting for more coffee and got to work to do my bang trim right on time.

I had to apologize to my GM for being sassy and insincere last night at work before I left, but she didn’t even realize that I was being rude and accepted my apology sincerely. I have to give her kudos for that, especially for knowing how to pluck in a way which makes the offender know that she is wrong.

So still pumped up I came home changed and went to the rec center down the street to do some weight training.

It was more dangerous than ever and thuggish as hell because the weight room was at full and there were weights all over the floor. When I got there the little Sony boombox (I can’t call it a ghetto blaster because the radio is dimunitive, yet whoever turned the volume up was sure as hell giving it an honest try) was blasting KMEL, but it was playing that song I liked until I found out that Jamie Foxx sang it, “Blame it on the Alcohol.” People don’t respect the weight room, but all I do is complain about and if you read my old blog, you’d know what I’m talking about it. Lets just say that a disorganized, cluttered and unsafe weight room is the default condition of the weight room at the Gene Friend Recreation Center on 6th Street as is when I say I’m going to yoga assume its a naked practice.

But I was able to get in my “bar” workout, named so because I do the whole routine with a barbell and no weights. I’m gonna break down what I did in sequence today and find abbreviations for the exercises as to save time in future:

    Decline Bench Press [DP] 4 sets of 10 repetitions each [4×10]
    Barbell Curls [BC] 4×6
    Upright Rows [UR] 4×6
    Overhead Press [OP] 4×6
    Bent Over Row [BR] 4×6
    Incline Press [IP] 4×6: failure at [f@] 3×3 + 4×2
    Roman Chair [RC] f@1


Now I’m home and I’m going to fix breakfast. I have some media to transfer so I can print out fliers and post them on poles to promote my headlining gig on Tuesday 5 May at the EndUp! The club is called CHASER: What kind of Chaser are you?

That means, Office Depot, drag shopping in the Mission and picking up some meat for pork adobo tonite.

Saw a bicyclist with road rage punch a Mini-Cooper on the commute back from the Presidio.  Coming home from the trail at 8 am is pretty intense with morning rush hour traffic, yet the ride to the trail in the early a.m. is quite peaceful, especially on weekdays with the college radio station, KUSF, playing eclectica.

I finished my first circuit of 4 trail runs from the Presidio.  I get to start something new the next day.  Using RunKeeper and you can see the map for the trail here. I’m using iPhone applications to help me with my fitness. RunKeeper and LoseIt are what I’m doing now.
I get to start a new trail on Thursday morning, and because I should increase about 10% a 3 mile run is in order, and I think that describes the Eagle Point to Sutro Park loop through Land’s End.  Its a nice trail, but its a longer drive.

Yesterday I was in Guerneville, staying at my favorite resort, The Highlands, and I did a 7 mile bike ride that took me about 2 hours, including a stop at Safeway for a sandwich.  I lost the data on RunKeeper because I hit pause when I went into the deli.  I should have probably just kept it going or uploaded the track and started a fresh one.  I’m still learning how to optimize the tech and I realize there’s a learning curve.  I like that it automatically posts to my facebook profile and is moderately accurate when not experiencing user failure.

So I went to the lodge, got a coffee, talked some shit with a guest about how the last guy I dated was here at the resort and down at the pool and described pretty well what I’m looking for and what I have to offer in a relationship.  Then I went back to my cabin and ate half that sandwich with some fruit and did an exfoliating salt scrub to soothe my muscles and hopped in the bath.

So I packed up my gear and stuck it in the car so I could check out and spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool.  The LGID was down there playing Uno with his two buddies, and I joined in.  It’s all good.  We hooked up the night before, kind of worked things out a little.  I broke up with him via e’mail, which is shitty, and haven’t seen him since we got back from our New Year holiday.  I made my boundaries clear:  I don’t want to date him, I can’t give him what he deserves and I can’t get what I want from him, and I’m still working out not only my last but also my past relationships from the past 17 years.  I’m a case yeah.  Pretty unavailable, but I’m kind of doing the work.  Maybe by now I’m really comfortable where I’m at.

After they left, I was the only guest at the pool and was enjoying the sun.  It got hot so I got an inflatable, dived in the cold pool and floated on it.  I heard a plop and grabbed my ear, and realized that I lost the ball bearing bead of my golden earring.  I couldn’t find it in the pool no matter how hard I dived.

But on the Sunday, before I drove to the resort.  I did this same trail run that I did today.  Today, I felt like a machine.  A tired 40 year old machine, yet still a machine that performs.  I’m really conscious of not pushing it so as not to inflame my recurrent calf strain, whom I call a bitch.  On Sunday, I felt pretty strong too, but scattered and just eager to get out of the city.

Shocked when I got to the resort to check in and see the LGID sitting on his porch with his buddies having flank steak and wines.  But I met them in town later for cocktails, went to the hot tub and worked out the break up… in bed!

This is the first post of my running journal/dolphin blog on  I’ve been keeping track of my trail running, nature loving, animal sightings and general feelings as a subjective way to be in touch with my fitness routines as they ebb and flow.  Blogging has been not only a great motivator but also a great indicator of why I’m being successful, why I’m getting hurt and what’s going on when I quit.  Blogging for me is a way I can examine the trends in my life, my endurance and help me reach my goals.

I’ve been posting my blog, Trail Running Dolphin Talker since 18 October 2006 on my myspace profile and have over 350 posts including a few comments by followers.  I am really frustrated that I cannot import the whole blog in its entirety but now will have to just look at the blog history as an archive, and just say fuck the whole thing.   It will remain on myspace in perpetuity and you can catch up by going to it on this link: I’m starting fresh anyway.

So I’m sure I’m going to encounter many resistances here, the host site hasn’t caught up with my desire and need, but I am willing to be impressed.

Welcome WordPress for welcoming Trail Running Dolphin Talker to its new home.