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Saw a bicyclist with road rage punch a Mini-Cooper on the commute back from the Presidio.  Coming home from the trail at 8 am is pretty intense with morning rush hour traffic, yet the ride to the trail in the early a.m. is quite peaceful, especially on weekdays with the college radio station, KUSF, playing eclectica.

I finished my first circuit of 4 trail runs from the Presidio.  I get to start something new the next day.  Using RunKeeper and you can see the map for the trail here. I’m using iPhone applications to help me with my fitness. RunKeeper and LoseIt are what I’m doing now.
I get to start a new trail on Thursday morning, and because I should increase about 10% a 3 mile run is in order, and I think that describes the Eagle Point to Sutro Park loop through Land’s End.  Its a nice trail, but its a longer drive.

Yesterday I was in Guerneville, staying at my favorite resort, The Highlands, and I did a 7 mile bike ride that took me about 2 hours, including a stop at Safeway for a sandwich.  I lost the data on RunKeeper because I hit pause when I went into the deli.  I should have probably just kept it going or uploaded the track and started a fresh one.  I’m still learning how to optimize the tech and I realize there’s a learning curve.  I like that it automatically posts to my facebook profile and is moderately accurate when not experiencing user failure.

So I went to the lodge, got a coffee, talked some shit with a guest about how the last guy I dated was here at the resort and down at the pool and described pretty well what I’m looking for and what I have to offer in a relationship.  Then I went back to my cabin and ate half that sandwich with some fruit and did an exfoliating salt scrub to soothe my muscles and hopped in the bath.

So I packed up my gear and stuck it in the car so I could check out and spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool.  The LGID was down there playing Uno with his two buddies, and I joined in.  It’s all good.  We hooked up the night before, kind of worked things out a little.  I broke up with him via e’mail, which is shitty, and haven’t seen him since we got back from our New Year holiday.  I made my boundaries clear:  I don’t want to date him, I can’t give him what he deserves and I can’t get what I want from him, and I’m still working out not only my last but also my past relationships from the past 17 years.  I’m a case yeah.  Pretty unavailable, but I’m kind of doing the work.  Maybe by now I’m really comfortable where I’m at.

After they left, I was the only guest at the pool and was enjoying the sun.  It got hot so I got an inflatable, dived in the cold pool and floated on it.  I heard a plop and grabbed my ear, and realized that I lost the ball bearing bead of my golden earring.  I couldn’t find it in the pool no matter how hard I dived.

But on the Sunday, before I drove to the resort.  I did this same trail run that I did today.  Today, I felt like a machine.  A tired 40 year old machine, yet still a machine that performs.  I’m really conscious of not pushing it so as not to inflame my recurrent calf strain, whom I call a bitch.  On Sunday, I felt pretty strong too, but scattered and just eager to get out of the city.

Shocked when I got to the resort to check in and see the LGID sitting on his porch with his buddies having flank steak and wines.  But I met them in town later for cocktails, went to the hot tub and worked out the break up… in bed!


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