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This is the first post of my running journal/dolphin blog on  I’ve been keeping track of my trail running, nature loving, animal sightings and general feelings as a subjective way to be in touch with my fitness routines as they ebb and flow.  Blogging has been not only a great motivator but also a great indicator of why I’m being successful, why I’m getting hurt and what’s going on when I quit.  Blogging for me is a way I can examine the trends in my life, my endurance and help me reach my goals.

I’ve been posting my blog, Trail Running Dolphin Talker since 18 October 2006 on my myspace profile and have over 350 posts including a few comments by followers.  I am really frustrated that I cannot import the whole blog in its entirety but now will have to just look at the blog history as an archive, and just say fuck the whole thing.   It will remain on myspace in perpetuity and you can catch up by going to it on this link: I’m starting fresh anyway.

So I’m sure I’m going to encounter many resistances here, the host site hasn’t caught up with my desire and need, but I am willing to be impressed.

Welcome WordPress for welcoming Trail Running Dolphin Talker to its new home.


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