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Active rest–what’s active rest?  Its mandatory and an essential part of the training program.  Rest.  Don’t work out for one day.  As simple as that mandate seems, a lot of runners, other athletes, forget to do this.  Recovery is necessary to progress in endurance.  The day of rest is something to look forward to–a reward for sticking to the program.

What constitutes the active part?  Well, I’m doing laundry now.  I woke up at the same time that I would do a training run.  I plan on taking care of some errands this afternoon on foot, so it means, include some extra activity that you wouldn’t necessarily do;  i.e.  don’t just lay on the couch watching golf and NASCAR all day drinking vodka.

So I’ll take the rest days to check in and feel what’s going on with my body and mind.

I’m really happy that I’ve kick started my training program and in the 3 odd months of…recovery? getting back on the trail I realize that I am a lot smarter, mentally and technologically.  I’ve added a GPS tracking device on my phone that maps and logs my runs for me as well as posting them up to my profile on their site,, posts as a twat (, and updates my status update on facebook.  This blog also gets posted to my notes page on facebook, so my one reader there doesn’t have to go to myspace as its been pretty much abandoned by everyone.  

I’m also using an application on my mobile called LoseIt which tracks caloric intake and calories burned through exercise and activities.  It has a database that is surprisingly complete and easy to use.  I set a target for my upcoming performance at the EndUp! on Tuesday, 5 May of the weight on my drivers license  which is 158 lbs.  I assumed I started at 165 on Connie’s scale, but I’m not sure, and I don’t own a scale.  I’ve spent to much of my money on drag to be able to swing that right now.

Bodywise, that bitch, the recurrent calf strain, seems to be under control.  I think that working out in the weight room is kind of balancing that.  One particular exercise is the Bent Over Row and I really stretch into it and can feel the stretch from the calves, hams and lower back. I have to look at some strengthening exercises for those muscle groups.  Or maybe the bitch has moved to my left shoulder which is sore today.  I started feeling it walking around the mission with a back pack full of meat and drag.

Cures? Solutions? I need to concoct an herbal exfoliating salt scrub and apply it as soon as I make some space and recover from the current drag attack that’s been going on since Easter and before the new one concurs, which is right about now.

Generally I feel pretty hot, disorganized and a mess, but I know I’m going to put on a good show Tuesday night.


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  1. Looking good!!!

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