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I woke up at 5:52 am and checked the flag on the nearest tower to see how it was flying–it was frozen in mid furl against a steely sky, pregnant clouds in grey maternity promising rain. I had a dream that I missed my show because I didn’t wake up from my disco nap and because the bus wasn’t coming, I popped into a bar to order a drink and this straight guy was playing with my ass through my lingerie.  I wasn’t going back to sleep to revisit that.  It was way vivid.  Excited to hit the trail though.  I planned on doing Lands End–Eagle Point to Sutro Park— and estimated it to be about 3 miles.  It was slightly over at 3.29, but it was a good run.  I made the coffee while I charged my Shuffle and put my iPhone in a ziploc sandwich bag.  Ghetto Solutions ™ I fucken loved that!  I geared up in my Adidas running Tights, North Face Endurance Challenge Championship short sleeve running top under my Reebok longsleeve.  I put on a balaclava also because I couldn’t find my Niners’ cap to keep the rain off in case it poured.  It didn’t, and I had to strip off the outer layer and the balaclava about 3/4 into the run.

Magical day.  Truly.  There was absolutely no wind.  The wild nasturtiums were fluourescent, the Indian Paintbrushes still in mid-stroke and white furred harbor seals  slept in late on the boulders at low tide.  I felt pretty strong and steady, however that bitch reappeared in the same calf as I was coming down off of the ruined foundation that crowns the summit of Sutro Park.  When I got back to Eagle Point I hiked down to the cliff and saw 4 open water swimmers swimming along the coast.  I did my dolphin call and the swimmers looked up and shouted.  I shouted and waved them back and told them to keep swimming

My timing puts me in crosstown morning traffic at rush hour.  I have to remember to be patient and still.  Practice Yogic driving.  Don’t lose my temper or call other drivers cunts.  Saw a fender bender as I was turning left onto Golden Gate at Masonic.  I guess if you have a nice new BMW you care about dings and scratches.

Coming in late for work today, so I also had time to weight train at the rec center.  I stripped my gear off, filled up a sports bottle, and put on training pants and high top black leather Nikes.  Foot protection is mandatory, I’ve described how reckless people are with their weights in there.  When I walked out my front door, cops were making a pair of squatters who had been camping in the Baptist Church doorways for the last 2 days pack up their shit and go. They had been storing their clothing in empty trash bins and it was all spread over the street and in and out of the cans as they tried to sort and organize what they needed while being overseen by the SFPD.  I’ve had nightmares like that:  I’m tweaking, on the street, and trying to get my shit together and its all over the sidewalk and I don’t have anywhere to go and no place safe to leave my shit.  U’m my flat kind of looks like that right now, I’ve just described a deep condition.

I was surprised that the weight room was somewhat organized when I got there.  Prison Daddy was there and 3 other old farts including myself.  If I were incarcerated with Prison Daddy I’d totally be his bitch; outside the pen I would totally suck his dick and let him fuck me. I had a good workout and was really pleased I could do a run and a weight session back to back.  It felt strong!  My routine in sequence, coded was:

  • DP 4×10
  • IP  3×6
  • RC 4×10
  • BR 4×10
  • BC  5×6!
  • UR 4×10

And then something new:  Alternating Barbell Lunges: [BL]

  • BL  3×10

And then I got light headed and wanted to pass out.

Stopped at the produce store on Howard to get a carrot for fried rice, but they didn’t have any loose one, only the babies in a bag, and they already looked expired, so ended up with a banana (which I ate), a tomato for my lunch salad and a ginger for the fried rice I’m fixing to cook right now.


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