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Staying on course and waking up when I need to to do my constitutional yet troubled by realistic dreams.  I’m a little overwhelmed by the things I need to do, but I know that achieving little goals will help me in the big picture.  I just need to do one thing at a time, but I’m the type of person who gets overwhelmed easily.  Not that I let it show.

Today is X Train day, and because I hit the weight room yesterday, cycling seemed the best option.  I did my usual bike ride to AT&T Park, down the Embarcadero to Pier 39 to see the sea lions then up Howard back home.  I felt like a Victorian Antiquarian Naturalist doing his morning walk and wildlife observations.  That is a definite part of my personality.  But also ultra modern in my high tech fabrics, GPS, and collapsible bike.

At the ballpark, people were already waiting to be the first admitted to the Giants’ game because today is Tim Lincecum bobblehead day.  He is the hot property of our local ball team, and he is impressive.  Hope he pitches his best and continues on impressing the locals.  Make us proud Timmy!  Go Giants!!!

Had to stop and take a picture of all the masts of the sailboats and continued on my way.  Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building was just setting up, so I wove around the vegetable stands.  Could see a huge cruise ship off in the distance and felt kind of sorry for the passengers and the swine flu pandemic panic that must have soured a much needed vacation.  We sacrifice a lot for vacations and they are crucial.  I hope those people get a break.  Was wondering if I were courting the swine flu by riding my bike through the disembarked as they waited in the taxi line, but I’m all fuck it.  I got insurance, if anything kills me, it sure as hell won’t be the swine flu.  The London Bird Flu is something else entire, and almost killed me, and is why I hate London, but is also the thing that got me working out.

At Pier 39 the sea lions were there as usual, and coming back to the Ferry Building, activity at the Farmer’s Market was picking up.  The produce is still to expensive for me to shop there, but maybe one day I’ll splurge if there is a particularly sexy tomato.  Coming home on Howard was a breeze and it was nice to not have to fight downtown morning traffic.


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