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Slept in: hit the trail. Figured today was a test of my commitment because the weather in the City has changed, and now its raining–not a heavy downpour, just a constant drizzle. Not a shower, definitely no. Still working the Lands End trail but had to stop and get gas at the cheap ARCO on Divisadero and Fell. Made the mistake of getting on the freeway to cut to Fell. Won’t do that again, but got off before the backup at Duboce and cut up 14th.

I stretched out at the trailhead and two women commented that they left their running shoes at home. I told them, “its just a drizzle.” Considered for a very brief moment of leaving my Nike windbreaker in the car, but as soon as I took it off, the wind kicked up and thought it better to run with it.

Strapped on my Camelbak on the outside of the windbreaker as to not to interfere with the satellite signal and hit the trail. Delightfully muddy, delightfully wet. Not enough rain to complain or feel pelted, just enough to let me know I’m a bit masochistic. Felt a little heavy in the legs and had to walk most of the stairs. Cool, no need to push because its early in the program. Realized that it was pointless to wear the Nike Vapors because they just kept fogging up and couldn’t see through the collected rain. Got to Sutro Heights park and saw a solitary Egret on the lawns.

By the time I was coming back down the stairs on the Lands End trail I realized that the misty precipitation had stopped. Saw an Anna’s Hummingbird and stopped to watch him. He stopped to watch me too and I noticed how the feathers on his head reflected a garnet scarlet purple when he looked towards me and just the emerald green of his body when he looked away. Had our moment, then we both flew away in opposite directions down the trail.

Got to the car and had to strip off my top layers cos I was wet both inside and out and wrapped up in a towel. Came home and now because its so cloudy, I still can’t send my track to RunKeeper. Its either that or they get a lot of Weekend Warriors all sending at the same time.

Doing some volunteer haircutting for the AIDS Lifecycle event at work today, going to come home and try to take care of this flat before the pre-performance drag attack wrecks it again.


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