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Squeezed in a quick weight room routine and that’s all I’m going to do today.  I have to much shit to do beginning with this flat and then getting ready for my drag show.  I have to Project Runway a lace shrug and sew lace appliques all over my lingerie.  Do my fitting, rehearse and makeup test.  If you don’t know it by now, my show tomorrow night is at CHASER–the new Tuesday Night club at the EndUP!, 6th and Harrison.  The show is at Midnite and I’m headlining and co-hosting.  What kind of CHASER are you?

Volunteered to escort my bbgff (best biological girlfriend forever) to Kaiser so she could get a “lady look at.”  In modeling we call it a “go see.”  They took her in and a half hour later she called me from the examination room to tell me that the procedure would take an extra hour and 10 minutes, so rather than cruise the waiting room, I hopped in the Contour and busted down to the rec center to get in a work out.

It was pleasantly uncrowded and I was able to use the bench press.  My routine today was:

  • BP  4×10
  • IP  4×6
  • DP 4×12
  • BR 4×8
  • BC  4×8
  • UR  4×8

Then I realized I was running really short on time and my bbgff called me to tell me she was done.

Got home and my best friend Bob was still here.  He came over last night to keep me company because I’m too much up and off in my own world and needed the grounding influence of a person I am close to.  A best friend is someone who will come over to your flat with beer when you are freaking out, spend the night and leave the left over beer in your fridge. 

So, I need to use whatever energy I have today that is at my disposal and is available to me.  I really got a lot of shit to do.


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