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Last night a transvestite.  Had my show last night and it went well, attendance was weak, but I enjoyed my number, what I didn’t enjoy is not having enough money to drink, but Monistat had drink tickets for me and Michael bought me one at the end of the show, so shouts out for that.  I only had a dollar bill to tip the bartender, but it was my last piece of cash, and I went with the intention of giving it to her.  I’m really embracing the term ‘transvestism’ to describe what I do.  Drag Queen, I suppose, is the more politically correct term, but I just am loving Transvestite, because its so in your face.

And had my first day as a docent in the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park.  Woke up in surprisingly good form and decided it would probably be better to ride my bike and sweat that transvestite out of me instead of being on early morning Muni metabolizing vodka and getting irritated at the commute.  Did the quick route: from my house through Chinatown, down Columbus to the Hyde St. Pier.  It was really nice, no traffic at all going through Chinatown and North Beach and it is a sweet down hill ride.

Checked in at the Visitor Center and got my orientation.  Followed a Ranger led tour aboard the Balclutha and was so inspired I spent my time familiarizing myself with the other ships, namely the tug Hercules and the ferryboat Eureka.  I was surprised that aboard the Eureka are historical automobiles from the period that she was in use.  I’m really looking forward to learning more about maritime history, especially in the Victorian era.  I’m really pleased that I chose to volunteer my time in this way.  Its only a 10 hour a month committment and I am feeling trepidatious?  about making my space there, but everyone is friendly and accomodating.  We’ll see how it goes.

Left the gig at 1 and biked home down the Embarcadero because it is flat.  30 minutes approximately, so it is faster than taking a streetcar and getting to the Pier on bike is way faster than the 19.  I’ll make it a regular practice.  I ran into Jonny Kat and Dan having their lunch in the cool FIDI which is really Mission between 2nd and 3rd. Came home and ate some strawberries and brie before hitting the trail because that’s all I really had.

Weather is weird, but like any San Francisca,n eccentricity is the default and the local weather is no different.  Muggy overcast and then clearing to warm muggy heat, but the microclimate makes a piled up wall of cloud surrounding the warm flat areas.  A cloud will break through and cover the sun and then this wall disintergrates and the cloud wall comes tumbling in with a breeze.  Figuring that I can handle it, I suited up in a white wifebeater and Nike shorts and did the Lands End trail again.  I get out of the Contour in this skimpy little outfit and this contractor comes out of the estate at 890 El Camino Del Mar.  He reclaimed his cigar that he left smoldering on the fencepost and started to talk to me.  I was like wo!  At a loss.  So hot.  He made the mailbox and was explaining how it was a “Rube Goldberg machine.”  I need to look that reference up, but in essence, it uses a garage door opener apparatus to open and close it and prevent theft.  Its on the fritz, but Mercury is in Retrograde so what do you expect.   I didn’t realize that means alot of random people will start talking to me.  Hope so.  I could use the convo.  Cigar’s from Cuba by the way and he orders them from Switzerland.

Hey, as I’m typing this now, my body is remembering being on the boats and the gentle rocking of it which I love.  I’ve never been sea sick in my life, and know that this sensation now means I’m sleepy.  When I used to spend all day in the water at the beach in Hawaii, I’d fall asleep, and it would feel like this.  I love the way this feels.

I introduced myself and went to shake his hand, but he declined because his hands were covered with grease.  That’s what the ranger did after he towed the dead sea lion out to sea.  Food for the sharks.  I’m learning sailor talk ala Gene Wolfe.  I was totally screenwriting Severian out there on the Balclutha.

My run was uneventful.  I felt strong and mechanical, yet slow.  The outfit was just right for the conditions and I only have to run it one more time, then I’m hitting Ocean Beach.  I felt like I’ve been running for a long time, but this is only my second trail and distance increase.  What I’m going to do is run 4 trails.  Rerun each one in sequence and then do a long run, half again the average of the trails that I am currently covering.

Tomorrow is X Train.  I’m looking at my schedule tomorrow and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to go to the rec center, so cycling, yes or even possibly aquatics, I hope.


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