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Cycled to Islais Creek and back via Mariposa then 7th Street.  Not really feeling aquatics yet, but I will probably soon.  Riding the bike for the X Train is really the easiest thing to do and I enjoy riding and listening to the music.  It really makes me feel better than I do when I wake up and gives me energy all day, until I crash.

Sunny and clear, started out chill, but its warming up now.  Riding the industrial trail is mellow and reflective rather than the big busy recreation scene on the Embarcadero.  Riding my bike through there reminds me of my love for industrial blight, ruined apocalypse, and the freedom of making trails and being alone.  I rode out to Warm Cove, to its ruined industrial beach and missed the old pier that the Port Authority tore down and the graffiti encrusted Muni Street Cars that itinerant vagrants had turned into squats that used to be across the inlet on the PG&E power plant. They had graveled over the open field where I used to go and spend a day tripping there when I lived in the Splat Cave right over on 3201 3rd.  I got off the bike and took some pictures, turned around and found a gaggle of 4 Canadian Geese.  I assume, 2 mated pairs.

Realized I was running short of time and it was almost 8 so I looped the dual drawbridges that cross Islais Creek and shot up Mariposa to 7th to save some time.  By then morning traffic had picked up with all the attendant energy and tension.


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