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I went to see COFFINS (Japan) last night but the real surprise was their supporting act STORMCROW.  My client and her husband own Annie’s Social Club which is  the spot for the Metal Underground in San Francisco.  I was happy to go, and happy that she tipped me enough so I could afford some drinks and band merchandise.  I got adequately pre-party pumped, threw on a wig and some black eyeshadow and was ready to roll down the street.

I got there just as STORMCROW was setting up and geeked out a little at the merch booth.  Very cool Death Metal graphics on the t-shirts, and I was slobbering over the COFFINS lps.  I wanted to give it a wait, see how much I drank, how good the bands were and how much cash I had left before I got anything, but I just had to get the COFFIN patch.  It was too cool and two bucks so even if I drank all my cash, I’d still have a memento form the show.  My client’s husband was tending bar, and it took him until after he served me a drink to penetrate my incognito.  

STORMCROW set up and checked.  I got positioned in front because I brought my old-school camera and wanted to get some band shots.  The vocalist and rhythm guitar player both had dreads.  The guitarist was chunky and hot and had big fat dreads to match and when he head banged he looked like a funky octopus.  The vocalist was very sexy, with his dark dreads and pumped pit bull tattooed body.  Short stuff, nice jeans.  The lead guitarist had long black wavy hair like Kirk Hamnett and was giving you the total Asian Pacific Islander Metal feeling in his leather jeans and was not wearing a shirt like Ice Dale does on stage.  Bass player was like right out of the 70’s young bearded fraggle rock stuff, long lean and red headed.  Drummer, bald headed and a baseball cap: jock. All Gibson Guitars and an Ibanez bass: so hot this band.  Total fan.  They are described as Crust Metal.

They chugged through their set and sounded awesome.  Then COFFINS came on stage.  I listened to about 3 of their songs and thought I’d retire for the night.  I came and saw what I wanted to see, and STORMCROW gave me the metal I needed that night.  HAILS STORMCROW!  I stopped off at merch counter and picked up their t-shirt and a split 7″single(SHAVEN/STORMCROW) and congratulated the band on such a great show.

I still got up to work out this morning.  Had another dream that had me waking up anxious.  I was carrying an ornate tin brazier with burning coals inside.  Reflecting now, I’m thinking it means I need to carry my own torch.  Still I know that a little Vodka probably has something to do with the anxious dreams:  I’m detoxing in my sleep.

But I woke up a little to early, it was 4 to 6, so I made myself sleep in and try to erase those Victorian images.  Another 45 minutes and I’m making coffee and preparing to head out to the trail.  I didn’t get there until 8 so I really wish I had gotten out of bed earlier.  Think it will be a 6 o’clock call from now on.  The weather is perfect today.  Flags lying flat and sun shining bright for so early.  I ran in black tights and a black tank.  Today was the last day of the Eagle’s Point circuit and I felt like I ran it slow and heavy.  I plodded.  I stopped, walked took a piss, a dump and photographs all on this trail.  But when I checked my time on RunKeeper at the end it was only an extra 7 minutes.  Not bad.  Wish I would have finished stronger but  I’m scheduled to start the Ocean Beach/Great Highway on Monday.

Notable nature: a red winged blackbird.  But his were more hot fire orange than red.  Someone had taken the branches and pine cone antlers off of the statue of the Stag in Sutro Heights Park, and was sorry they did that, it was going to be the pic of the day.

So got home and was going to do a back to back workout at the Rec Center, but it was closed.  Watered the plants and made some coffee instead.


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