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Got down the stairs and on the sidewalk realized I had a hole in my flat tire.  Went to the gas station to fix it, pumped it up with air and saw it going flat again.  So much for my X Train bike ride.  Riding through the fields in that industrial area the other day must have torn it up.  Good thing I made it back that morning.  Its a really fast leak, air ran out of the tire in seconds.  I thought for a moment to use fix-a-flat on it, but its probably just a temporary fix, and it will continue to leak out.  Its an old bike and a street score, so I’m going to try to take the front tire off and just replace the whole tube if Pacific Cycle down the street from work is open today.

As far as where this setback takes me in my training I’ll take this day as an active rest and run the Great Highway trail tomorrow. Naked Yoga for Men is a possibility, but I think Darren is doing a retreat in Joshua Tree and I don’t know who the sub is.


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