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Groggy getting up today, I crashed out on the couch falling asleep to PBS Monarchy and waking up to that Albert character.  Been waking up early all week, so did the Sunday thing and let the body lie for a while in.  The mind needed the break more than anything really.  Watched the new Electric Company and enjoyed it like I did when I was a kid.  Want to have one just to share that again.  So what.  I watched TV unsupervised and alone and I still do.  Don’t get into my literature.  Don’t try to guide what I read.  I’ll surprise.  You.

Eventually managed to brew coffee, shower and get geared.  Drove out the 280, missed John Daly and had to swing back around to get through Westlake to the coast.  Seemed like I drove a constant long time.  Parked at the Beach Chalet, just getting lucky enough to get a parking spot in the lot cos today is Mother’s Day and that is the spot for brunch.  Warmed up lightly and hit the bridle trail on the median strip of the Great Highway.

Different feeling, this Sunday afternoon recreation as opposed to the weekday early morning before the commute workout.  Really, I just wanted to get it over with.  Described as sunny and breezy, I don’t think I can get more explicit than that. Kind of wish I had shot my Fluonaise or taken a Loratidine, but it really wasn’t unbearable and guys were all in shorts and 1 or 2 with no top.  Suffer? Hele on.

Today’s workout felt like a chore.  One thing I needed to do on an interminable to do list.  But it got done.  Legs felt heavy, was faster than I felt.  I only wanted to increase 10% more than the Lands End Trail I was running, but in reality it was more.  I went from a 3.42 to a 4.32 mile distance so I’ m roughly estimating that this is a 20% increase.  I need to take the next trail really slow and try not to do more than 4.75 mile run. However, I’m thinking my next base run will be McNee Ranch trail above Grey Whale Cove.  Want some more elevation after this flat.

Afterwards, went to the Castro to get my coffee.  New girl at the shop ground the beans I asked for whole, but didn’t really care enough to correct her.  Lovers holding hands made me jealous.  I was thinking, on the way back from the Great Highway about the breakdown I had when I realized that I couldn’t stand to be in a long distance relationship with Ionnass for another year and how I cried and how angry I was in the Contour.  But fuck, shit, I’m hot.  I just don’t understand what the deal is, but I am complicated.  I’ll give anyone who isn’t feeling me or that is intimidated the benefit of that doubt.  Saw some dysmorphic bodies in and out of the gay Golds.  I’m happy I’m a runner.  I’ll never see myself like that.

Got obsessed with Sangria, so went to Foodsco and got the wine and cheese.  Then I realized I didn’t have a pitcher so went to 6 different places, came home and realized that I could just use the blender.


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