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I slept on the couch again, which is usually an indication of loneliness, depression, anxiety and despair.  So much going on which I can’t handle right now, but this isn’t going to be the time I divulge.  Working on my shit.  Slow with the progress.  I’m alright, and I’m surviving.  Just keep working out and I’ll be fine.

So because I had a flat the other day it threw off my schedule.  I felt like I wanted to run today, so I hit the Great Highway one more time.  2 consecutive days in a row.  No surprise that I was a little bit faster.  So it gave me an idea for a new routine, to work out at least as far as running the Great Highway is concerned:

  • Run
  • Run
  • X Train
  • Run
  • Run
  • Active Rest

This routine is a more running intensive than the 4 day alternating routine I had been doing.  I will still try to stack or brick a weight session or a yoga class whenever I can do.

For some reason my run logged as 4.61 miles.  I’m pretty sure that I want to do the Bunny Trail, (McNee Ranch above Gray Whale Cove) next.  I am going camping with Bob this weekend so I’ll have to see what I can do to stay tracked.

Not much to say about the run except a mile in on Pacheco I took of my shirt and finished the rest of the 3 mile topless.  Went back and forth via Lincoln and that seems to be the fastest way.  Got gas at the Arco on 14th and dropped my negatives of Grutle Kjellson of ENSLAVED to be enlarged so I can get him to sign it when the band comes to town on Thursday.

Now I’m gonna futz in the kitchen, make some lunch and go to the Rec Center at 3.


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