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For lack of a better option, trail.  Slept on the couch again, but woke up at 6:10 am ready to do aquatics.  I knew where my Burberry Speedo’s were, but couldn’t find my lock or my goggles, and because lap swim is only from 6-8am, thought it would be better to just gear up for the trail rather than stressing out and having a drag attack trying to find my swimming equipment.

I’m sitting here brewing another coffee, and waiting for the rec center to open so I can go do weights and at least get in a bit of X Training.  Just got back from my run on the Great Highway and that makes it 3 days consecutive running that trail.  I guess in a sense I want to get it over with and get back to more epic trails with varied elevation and under cover of trees.  I feel a little overconfined to that thin trail on the median strip, the drive back during the rush hour commute is a little anxiety causing and its boring, there are too many people on the trail.  But one more day and its over.  Building my base and doing well.  Surprised that I have the stamina to do trail x3, fuck it, I’m gonna run it tomorrow and get it over with.

Weather has been consistently bright with a slight breeze.  Perfect for running, at times I thought I could go without a shirt, but best not.  Haven’t had the break out of hives and I think that the Fluticasone Propionate inhalant may be helping to suppress my allergy to cold moisture.  Started out pretty strong.  Felt like an athlete, but had to take a dump right in the deco bathroom at Judah.  Stalls have no doors.  Like that.  Shit in the open.   Continued my run feeling lighter, obviously, and less constipated.  I really have to figure out if it is my morning pre-run coffee that makes me have to take a shit on the trail.  Could have sworn I took a shit before I left the house.  Anyway…

Came back strong.  Bored by it.  But it was the right thing to do.  Maybe things will get more interesting on Ocean Beach when the surf is up and the hot long boarders come out early in the morning to get in and out of their wetsuits.

Wasted an hour waiting for the rec center to open and now I’m back.  I’m kind of torn about whether it was worth it.  I’m crashing now.  For the sake of argument, lets just agree it was.  Very short workout because the weight room was packed with at least 11 guys, myself and Prison Daddy.  I made sure to get out of the mirror when he was doing seated dumbbell curls.  Left because I couldn’t find a safe space or a free bench to continue my workout, but I did feel light headed and gave up on the alternating barbell lunges.

  • DP 4×12
  • BR 4×8
  • UR 3×8
  • BC 4×8
  • OR 3×8

5 exercises, not bad.  Now its spaghetti for breakfast.  Hope I can do something fulfilling tonite like hit the yoga class.


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