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4 days in sequence.  That now concludes the Great Highway trail.  I hit it at 7 am and driving back the traffic was light.  I really need to try to be out of the house by 7.  My intention was to run it strong, but in practice it was mediocre.  Started out OK, then realized that it really is the morning coffee. The pool at Judah was closed so I had to drop the kids off at Taraval.  Too many stops prevented me from  developing a decent rhythm.  It got done though.

ENSLAVED is coming to town tomorrow and I went to Walgreen’s to pick up my enlargements of Grutle Kjellson to have him sign one for me and to give him one at the autograph session at Rasputin’s Records on Powell Street.  I then stopped at Office Depot and used my gift card to get silver and gold metallic Sharpies, a clear plastic frame for the photo I’m gifting Grutle and a large brown wooden frame to matte the autographed photo of him.  This picture of Grutle I shot in 2007 in Oakland.   I contributed this photograph to Grutle Kjellson’s wikipedia page.  I hope he recognizes the photo he will sign and appreciates that I am ENSLAVED’s #1 fan in San Francisco.  I am so stoked about this.  I love ENSLAVED so much that there is a twitter feed from the band at the bottom of this blog.  I am going to sign the back of his photo and attempt to describe how much he, his band and their music inspires me and brings me closer to the source of myself.

So ENSLAVED tomorrow, then Bob and I are going camping somewhere after the concert on Friday morning.  Northern Californian Coast.  Maybe Mendocino.   Should be an adventure because we don’t know exactly where we are going and we both don’t have any money!   Sounds like a quest.  Metal will prevail!


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