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Was pushing it cos I got up a little late, but knew I didn’t have a client first thing so decided to run it as a drill.  Still I misplaced my tights, had to keep looking for stuff and make the coffee.  I was out the door with a half of a mug which doesn’t fit in my cup holders, but was on the road to the Bunny Trail through McNee Ranch State Park, above Grey Whale Cove in Montara above Highway 1.

There must be something in the chart today that’s quite off.  Usually when I verify it, I’m usually correct.  A void Moon or an intense angle of some Planets that don’t rule me as much as they reflect what’s going on with me in a macro-cosmic way as I am extended through the Universes.  Thankfully, the influence is mild and I’ll see how it plays out.  By the time I left home it was already after 7 am.  Got to the trail around 8 and was done with the run at 9.  Now its almost 10 and I have yet to vote and get to work.  I have a little buffer of time before my first client.  Telling myself to relax, don’t rush.  When I try to do too many things too fast is when I get into trouble.  I know that much about myself already.

But the disorder:  coming over the ridge to 1 on the highway through Daly City, my fuel tank light came on as empty.  I was hoping that I could make it to the trail and back without refueling.  Wasn’t going to happen as my worst fear was being stuck in rush hour traffic coming off of the 280 to 6th Street and getting stalled or worse.  Fortunately, I brought my wallet and stopped at the Shell at Rockaway Beach and managed to scrounge up enough to put $4.50 on # 5.  When I finally got to the trail head, I started up the ridge, looked down only to discover that I left my headlights on.  Oops, false start.  When I came home I almost left my headlights on again.  I’m noticing that my front tire is going flat and needs to be inflated.

But for the trail– good thing I wore my tights.  It wasn’t windy, just fogged in and the dew on the weeds along the side of the trail didn’t soak my legs and get cold enough to give me hives.  I did load up on the Fluticasone and the Loratidine, and the caffeine before I hit the trail.  We’ll see how these allergy drugs do when I get into more inclement weather.  Saw the bunnies pop out along the trail and was happy to see them.  Lots of babies, so cute and fuzzy, and that’s how this trail got its name from me.  Coming around and cutting into the switchbacks I saw 2 men in cleansuits with exterminator canisters spraying along the trail.  They were led by a guy in back country drag with a fluorescent  safety vest.  I took my earbuds out, one of which, the left, is blown out, and asked the leader what they were spraying for.  I had to ask him twice I didn’t hear him clearly and made out that he was saying “Pampas Grass.”  I followed up, “Is it a weed?”  “Yes,” he agreed.  That explains why the trails looked so inexplicably clean yesterday.  Last year I needed some of that Pampas Grass for a drag number and didn’t end up foraging for it on that trail because I thought it might get me in some trouble.

Slogging uphill, having to stop when I needed to.  If it wasn’t a shoelace it was just cos I was getting worn out.  Saw another trail runner, tall and lanky in an orange long sleeve and dark blue running shorts down below me.  He was running at a much faster pace than I and felt that if he caught me it would be slightly humiliating.  However, I made it to the top of the trail, wound my way back down, finished the run and was all “Hell yeah!”

Coming down I felt a strain in my left inner ankle, at the tendon I guess and a slight hamstring strain in the same leg.  Know that I definitely don’t need an overuse, will try to do yoga tonight if it is at all possible.  Definitely won’t attempt to run tomorrow so maybe this cycle is Run Run Rest Run Run (2-1-2).

Thought came to me that I should set up a photo blog here on WordPress for my Heavy Metal–Wildlife–Nature Photography.


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