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Took 2 days of rest because the first day was scheduled, and the next day I stayed up too late to get up early enough but I was kind of torn up and hurt in several different places.  It was a knee, hip combination.  Kind of strange, the knee, I don’t know how that happened.  I must have bumped into something drunk.  So was in pain on the active rest day, and the next day it didn’t seem safe.  However, today I did get up and run the Bunny Trail even though I did party with Muthachucka last night at Daddy’s and got a ride home with some visitors that I met at the bar.

It takes me so long to get out of the house in the morning.  I got up automatically at 6:20 relieved that I could still hit the trail.  Needed shower.  Needed coffee.  Needed to leave, and was out of the door a good while after 7 and started the trail exactly at 8.  Fogged in today.  Linda Mar was unusually sunny.  I realize that it has something to do with the wind and the way Pacifica is a valley.  McNee Ranch State Park was just as foggy as the City.  Nice insular blanket.  When its foggy like that it means that its not windy, so the windchill factor is cut down, there’s no glare and its really pleasant.  Up the trail I was surprised to see a little extra power in my legs, however, that bitch recurrent left calf made her presence known, but she didn’t complain to much or hinder my run.  I wouldn’t let that bitch interfere today.  No way.  I only had to stop a few times going up the trail to piss or drink, but really felt like today I could have taken it non-stop.  I did notice that I had a little trouble with my breathing.  I actually noticed it in the car, that I wasn’t taking strong breaths.  I suspect it may have something to do with my steroid inhalant, however, I got that under control, passed a dog walker with an old chocolate lab bitch and achieved the summit.

Coming back down the mountain, I noticed the tell tale signs of the poisoned Pampas Grass.  A green, sooty marking sprayed at the base of the foliage and on the emerging fronds of the young plants.  Wondered if it would affect any of the plants growing around it and how hazardous the poison is to the bunnies, dogs and trail runners taking a piss on the side.  Yesterday I should have asked what the chemical compound is, but if I run into another official I’ll be sure to.

I hit the zone coming down the hill, and my new JVC Studio Monitor Headphones rock.  It was so annoying with those busted Son¥ earbuds, painful in my ears.  The JVC is comfy, the pads insulate my ears and it will be much better for canceling out the noisy ghetto blaster in the Rec Center.  It was a good run, and I’m getting in good shape.

I only have to run this trail once more, either tomorrow or Sunday before dance rehearsal with Jordan La Moore then I’m done.  I would have completed 4 circuits and the next plan is to run them again in sequence and do an epic run the 5th time and then find a 5ish mile trail to run.


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