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Saturday morning I woke up at 6am and new I could just push it to make it to the trail and then make it to work for my first client at 9.  I was so eager to finish the Bunny Trail because it was kicking my ass.  Saturday was no different, the Bunny Trail kicked my ass rather hard.

I was under a time pressure, but still had to fill the air pressure in my front tires.  Pacifica was windy and fogged in, as was McNee Ranch State Park.  I have been suffering with that bitch of a recurrent injury, the calf strain, and today it was feeling itself felt.  An overuse injury for sure because the hillwork on this trail is intense even though the mileage is the same as the Great Highway.  Pretty much straight onto the trail it was acting up, and I tried to run through it.  I also couldn’t develop a good rythm with breath or pace.  I was pretty gassed.  I kept stopping.  I’m pretty sure that I walked halfway up the trail.  My graph on my RunKeeper map pretty much explains it all.  What a great tool for brutally honest objective data.

I almost gave up, a number of times.  Perhaps about a quarter of a mile from the summit (not the real one on Montara Mountain, just the one I’m running to) I came across the bloated carcass of a snake that had obviously become a victim of the Pampas Grass eradication effort.  Ominously, thats how I felt.  On the verge of eradication, bloated, poisoned and spent in the middle of the trail.  The serpent’s situation was by far more serious than mine.  The snake had been either sprayed directly with Round-Up! or had slithered through the grass’ foliage.  The serpent had been dyed blue with the tint that they add to the poison to mark a poisoned plant.  His corpse was blue and bloated with the gases of decomposition, and poisoned ants, unlucky enough to have attempted to help biodegrade this reptile were staggering away from the body.  The snake crawled into the middle of the trail to die.  So fucken sad.  I can’t identify the species, but will give it a try and also forward an account and a photograph of the poisoned snake to the proper authorities at the California Park Service.

I looked around at all the Pampass Grass tagged blue with poison and all around me the mountain took on an ominous poisonous aspect.  It made me wonder if my fatigue and low energy had anything to do with running while they were spraying yesterday.  It probably did do, in any event I reached the summit and staggered down the trail, completing this circuit on Montara mountain and looking forward to my next routine.

Sunday was an active rest day and involved learning the choreography for Jordan La Moore’s drag number at Trannyshack’s Madonna Tribute Night.  Went over at 9am and he made me and Marilyn breakfast burritos.  We learned the routine to Burning Up, and I got to be faggy Christopher Ciccone from the video.  Jordan bought our costumes, black tights, leg warmers and a longsleeve fishnet top.  All black.  Hot!  We practiced the choreography for 2 hours and we made it look just like the video.  I actually did feel my calf strain loosening up as we practiced the dance moves.  Overuse injury for sure because I haven’t been cross training as much as I should do cos I’m a little addicted to the trail right now and my bike still has a flat. Afterward practice I dropped Marilyn off at her mansion in the Castro (she lodges in the upstairs servant’s quarters) then went to work because I forgot my wallet there last night.

My barber was there and he was available in an hour so I walked up to Chinatown to get some Chinese shoes.  I stopped at some boutiques along the way, shit is on sale and it is in fashion but this twitch is still on a budget.  Budget minded, I declined on the Kung-Fu shoes because they were $6.99 and I thought they were $3.99.  Stopped in at American Apparel to see if they had a black mesh or fishnet tanktop, they didn’t, and loved the neon one piece bathing suits and the short shorts for men, lined.  I was almost so tempted to buy a black simulated leather (looks like matte satin) hoodie for $60 to the point where I got it to the checkout counter and just left it there.  H&M didn’t have any 80’s appropriate accessories, but there was a menswear designer liquidation at the old CompUSA building at Grant and Market and I scored a long sleeve black button up shirt from Emilio Ungaro for $19.99.  I did get to indulge myself a little.  Fashion is my domain.  Filipino caluculation:  that shirt was retail $80, so I just saved $60, now I can go back and buy that black hoodie!

Got to the shop and got hooked up.  Shave and a haircut looking fresh pressed for the show.  Got a burrito from the Taco Truck on Harrison, ate it took a disco nap woke up and accessorized for the show.  I also took a Grenado along in a to-go cup for the walk down to the club.

I couldn’t really remember the choreography, but worked it out with Jordan and Marilyn in the alley behind the Cat Club.  Walking up to the club, there was a line literally down the block and was so glad I was performing, on the guest list and in like a breeze.  The floor in front of the stage was packed, and I had to squirm my way backstage, saying hi to familiar faces along the way.  Impressed I remembered everyone’s name, as I have a certain social anxiety disorder that makes me panic and forget the names of casual acquaintances.  Got backstage, worked out the number in the alley which was full of drag Madonnas and their back up dancers of course our clique looking fierce hot in an alley just like dragqueens should do.  Was so happy I’m working out now because I felt trim in my jazzercize outfit.  Squirmed my way back to the bar again to retrieve a drink and squirmed my way back without spilling the cocktail.

Hit the stage 4th in the line-up and it was over remarkably fast.  I remembered all the steps, and the stage was so small, I had to improvise somewhat to keep from falling into the wings.  So great to be onstage with a crowd and to be doing a number not in drag and not having to shave off my beard.  Congratulations all around then back to the bar for one more Vodka Soda.  Ran into Cip who was posing for a photograph and just had to jump in there and do one with him.  Saw the proof.  Hot.

I decided it would be best to hit ChapsII to wind down and feature my outfit in a leather bar.  A cop I dated, Dick, in my teens was outside doing security for the straight club next door and I was so happy to see him and he gave me his card.  I have to have coffee with Dick and catch up with him.  Live a long life and its cool to see people who know you from ages past. Ran into Tim and James C. outside the club and convinced them to come across the street with me for a drink at Chaps.  I introduced them to Dick on the way over.  Got drinks, some dweeb came in complaining about his boyfriend.  I’m not sympathetic because I don’t have one, but he offered to buy me a shot if I could convince the bartender to show the dweeb his cock, which I did, and had a Jagermeister.

Jordan joined us and I don’t remember clearly if I had another cocktail before I left but I did arrange to go and see Terminator with Tim today.  Got home stripped and fell asleep right on the couch.  There is jazz dancer drag on my living room floor right now.

Woke up this morning on the couch and ready to fulfill my commitment to the trail.  I seem to like to work in fours:  4 times the particular trail I’m running, then 4 times the next one.  I just completed 4 different trails 4 times each, so now what I’m doing is revisiting and running those trails for review.  Today was Presidio Golf Course to Immigration Point .  The sequence will continue with the 3 remaining trails:  Eagles Point to Sutro Park, Great Highway and the Bunny Trail.  After ramping up like this I’m going to reward (smirk) myself with a long run in Golden Gate Park, California Academy of Sciences to Ocean Beach and Back.

Today’s run was good.  Nagging calf strain present, but not debilitating.  Slow pace a little, but that’s cool.  I followed up the short run with a session in the weight room at the rec center.  Worked out for a half hour, got burnt out towards the end.  Routine:

  • IP 4×10
  • Over Head Curls (OC) 4×8
  • BP 4×10 (experienced some failure)
  • DP 4×6 (experienced some failure)
  • UR 4×8
  • BC 4×8
  • OP (experienced major failure)

So with 9 minutes to go and a very watery dregs of a Vodka Soda, I’ll publish, jump in the shower and go watch John Connor go and try to save humankind from Skynet.

I love my life!


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