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I kissed a boy last night and I liked it.  Yesterday, the Supreme Court of California handed down the decision to confirm Proposition 8, a successful voter initiative that bans marriage between two adults of the same gender in the state of California.  I was feeling trepidatious and tense in the morning before going to work yesterday, and shortly thereafter I heard that Prop 8 was upheld.  Rather than demonstrating, marching, or going to the rally to protest the CASC decision, I decided to go to Daddy’s and look for a man to NOT marry.  Success!  I met Sg.

The decision had me sad, emotional and despondent.  I knew it’d be best to connect with men, a glass of Vodka and just be surrounded and insulated in a queer neighborhood because of the horrific alienation I feel at being legislatively discriminated against.  I found a good spot in the corner at the end of the bar behind the video poker machine and was talking to a drunken old queen about his love of Opera and how he purchases standing room only tickets.  I’m going to have to do that.  He was obnoxious, but I love old queens because I am completely starting to resemble that description!  Started talking to a guy named Felix opposite me, and then this dude comes in between us and orders a Hefeweizen.  This dude immediately caught my attention.

He was about my height, dressed casually in a light colored button up shirt, grey hoodie and jeans.  He had a workout backpack that he stowed under the table of the video poker game.  I noticed a foreign denomination in his wallet and detected a trace accent.  He asked me to watch his bag for me cos I guess he had to take a piss.  He came back and positioned himself directly in front of Felix, which I didn’t mind at all.

I tried to carry on a conversation with both of the men, but Sg. really dominated my attention.  Eventually Felix just left.  I asked Sg. where he was from and he told me Russia.  I then tried to convince him that I was  Russian due to my love of Vodka.  He wasn’t really buying it, but he did buy us shots.  The first shot was warm from the bottle so after more conversation, Hefe, and my cocktail of choice, we did chilled ones.  We spoke openly about lots of different shit, and Sg. scored major points with me by being able to ask me hard questions which I had no trouble answering honestly.  One thing I really admire in a man is his desire to know me and ask me things because really, I don’t reveal much about myself and I like to be known.  I’m reserved with men maybe because I  don’t like grandstanding myself or telling pitiful stories.  One thing I don’t want is someone’s sympathy, that really makes me feel uncomfortable.  Fortunately Sg. wasn’t treacly sympathetic, just understanding and a good listener.  Like I said, kudos.

But talking to him, and looking at his beautiful eyes, rapid moving lips (he’s a talker) I just had to lean in for one.  He kissed back, softly but like a man. I closed my eyes and had the rush.  Really, his kiss swept me away and when we pulled back from each other I could see in his eyes he had the rush too.  We were both like wow, which led to more kissing.  Oh yeah.  He can make out!

So he told me his name, and I got out my phone so he could put his number in it.  Really impressed that he entered his last name as well.  I guess we made out and talked at the bar for at least 3-4 hours because I was updating my status on facebook the moment he started talking to me.  I tried to go home with him cos I’m a slut I guess!  but dudes gots to give it a try to show that we are interested.  I stood down and watched him get on the 24 Divisadero Southbound.

Surprised that when I got home a text from him was waiting for me.  Like me, he has a limit of 200 texts and he asked me if I do IM and I gave him my Yahoo ID.  Pleased to see that he sent me a friend request and my Yahoo is open right now as I publish.  I hope to meet him down at the Wharf on Sunday for some calamari and beer, but we’ll see how it goes.  I’m definitely not calling him until tomorrow.

So I wake up on the couch and it all comes back to me.  I’ve been smiling all day.  Got up and ran the Eagle Point Lands End Trail to Sutro Park at about 7:49.  Still groggy and Vodka headed, I don’t even recall if I took a shower, but did have the coffee and deleted most of my drunken facebook status updates that I posted after I got home.  Had a pretty good run.  I can really feel the strength in my quads and hams because I have a definite kick and I notice that legs want to run, but my bitch in my calf is holding me down.  It was cold and foggy out there.  Not what I geared up for when I left, but survived it all nevertheless.  2 down, 2 to go on this trail review.

I really wanted to see if the dolphins were down at Baker Beach, but they weren’t.  Had a nice walk along the beach although it was cold.  Driving back home I was craving bacon and fortunately I had the foresight to include my wallet with my gear.  I stopped at Safeway and just couldn’t get myself to buy the bacon because of the added sugar.  I settled on some mild Italian sausage instead.  Sugar-free.

I boiled off the sausages while I was in the shower and they fried up as I dried off.  Fried the last of Joan’s home grown eggs and some whole wheat tortillas.  I wanted to eat before I went to the weight room at the rec center because last time there I bonked.  Couldn’t really sit down to eat, but ate standing up at the stove, at the computer and as I watered the plants.  Went down to the rec center and it wasn’t really crowded in the weight room but the basketball court reeked of stank young men.  And that’s not a complaint!  Wanted to go a little easy today cause I could still feel the tension from the workout on Monday:

  • IP 3×8
  • Seated Overhead Press (SOP) 3×8
  • UR 3×8
  • BC 4X10 (pumped!)
  • DP 3×8
  • BP 4×10

I forgot to do Bentover Rows.

After the workout I went to work to drop off a check for my Scissor Pimp.  I dropped my shears yesterday and the blades went whack.  I walked up and got some Boric Acid to try and control this cockroach infestation, stopped at Ross and tried on some Prada and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses which fortunately didn’t fit.  Came home and turned on my Yahoo.  How was your day?


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