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I finally hit my pace today.  Today I continued the review of my previous  trails and completed the Great Highway at a 9:56 minute per mile pace.  The course is just over a 4 mile loop.  I didn’t have to stop for nothing, not to take a piss, take a shit or even recover.   Even though that calf is still resistant and suffering the strain, it didn’t stop me.   Coming towards the finish with ENSLAVED on as my battle music I even finished at a sprint.   Noticed a little soreness in the inside of the left ankle, perhaps from overcompensation.

Only need to complete the Bunny Trail to finish this review.  I’m glad that I’m getting stronger.  Cross training and recovery time with active rest I know does help.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to hit the Bunny Trail until at least Monday. I have early morning meetings tomorrow, am attending Wordcamp on Saturday and have my Docent training on Sunday.  I’ll have to see how I can squeeze in at least a weight training session and get my flat fixed on my bike.

I have a new electronic trail running guru who blogs from Sweden.  His name is Fredrik Ölmqvist and he lives in Göteborg.  A free lance journalist, he is also a trail runner and reading his blog he talks about some of the things I’m working on:  running free, nutrition and avoiding added sugar.  His last post was about green smoothies, so I went to Rainbow to pick up some green powder supplement, incense and some unscented Castille soap.  It was coupon day and it was a scene.  There were cars down 13th street waiting to get into the parking lot.  I had to park in front of Glama-Rama! which was cool because I stopped by and said hi to Leigh when I got back.  I ended up purchasing Super-Green Pro-96 Soy Protein Powder.  Selling point, Hawaiian Spirulina, Kelp and no added sugar.  I actually was in the long line with a product called Fruiteen, spirulina and concentrated fruit extracts and grassy compounds, but finally after deciphering the label found that fructose was its second ingredient and the product actually contained 9 grams of sugar per serving.  Just what I’m trying to avoid.  I ended up making this green smoothie concoction:  Pro-96, unsweetened almond flavored soy milk, plain yogurt, a ripe mango, raw carob, unsweetened shredded coconut, a tsp of Mexican vanilla and 3 cubes of ice.  Verdict:  Tasty!  I’m getting my green on the go and know that I definitely need this for recovery.

I’m trying to roast a chicken for lunch right now and I’m running out of time.  Feeling good but  I still have plenty of insanity that I can’t seem to deal with.  I think that, am hoping that, when the retrograde Mercury influence dissipates I’ll have the focus to manifest my intentions.


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