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I had my volunteer gig at the SF Maritime National Historic Park today.  For me the focus is on trying to live my life more sustainably.  Volunteer work is a practice where I can contribute to resources I use, ensuring that I’m doing something to keep around the things I love.  I have the same passion with Heavy Metal and Trail Running.  Blogging about both the former and latter, reaching out to a community of Metal Heads and Runners through my numerous social media channels, I hope, fires up people to get as inspired as I do when I hear someone proclaiming a band or posting an awesome run.  I’m learning alot about Metal and Running from my international electronic coven who share similar passions and express that passion in unique and individual ways.

So I rode my bike down to the Hyde Street Pier, through Chinatown, in a route that I have described before.  Checked in at the Visitor Center with the coordinating Ranger and described my goals for the day and worked out a feasible schedule for my duty at the park.  I always have goals for the day, research or whatever.  Today I wanted to learn the directions and parts of boats and learn about the shallow water shrimping junk, Quan Yin, that is part of the collection. I am a little obsessed with interpretation through a Chinese American perspective.  Of course, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered from the visitors and I am still  getting to know my colleagues and superiors at the park so I  have yet to complete one of my set goals.

I got outfitted with my uniform jackets for various weather:  2 nylon windbreakers, one lined with fleece and a “3 Season” jacket which is a synthetic fiber filled canvas coat for more inclement situations.  I also got the long sleeve button up.  The coats are blue and the shirt is beige.  They all have the National Park shield of the arrowhead in a circle.  I have to coordinate my own pants and I’m  thinking it is going to be blue Carharts with brown hiking boots. For now, I’ll just wear my Dickies until I get a fashion budget. My urban camoflauge pants just did not match. I forgot to ask for the ball cap, but will next visit.  Gets bright with the sun reflecting off of the water.

I got a locker to stow my gear in the hold of the Eureka and a parking permit in case I want to drive down.  I’m going to start running from Fort Mason to Crissy Field and back, so volunteer work does have its benefits.

The Rangers and the Docents all made me feel very welcome and I was congratulated as the first graduated Docent for the Class of 2009.  So many lovely and elegant beads were dropped, which I was happy to pick up, read the inscriptions and openly admire.  This is San Francisco, and just me being there makes it a Queer Pier, although I can by no means claim that I originated that.  I learned that you get a special shield with a red circle if you serve more than 500 hours.  As competitive as I am I want it, but at 10 hours a month it will take me about 4.5 years to get.  Runners aren’t only masochists but we are also statisticians.  Rough and inaccurate both.

After getting my uniform and my locker settled, and admiring my new great look, I just had to go get a corndog.

Went back to the Visitor Center and looked at historical videos of San Francisco on YouTube with a Ranger.  I helped answer visitors’ questions and realize that I really need to know where to send tourists.  I keep trying to get them to go to the beach.  The tourists come in and are very “Where should I go?”  I want to give them a look at San Francisco that isn’t necessarily just about the architecture.  I want to help them connect to nature and the locals.

Rode my bike back down the Wharf, but cut through to Downtown on Battery Street.  Got home and Yahoo Messaged Sg. and he’s looking forward to our date tomorrow but warned me he may be coming down with a flu.  I’ll have to take it upon myself to give him a gentleman’s out letting him know that if he doesn’t feel well enough to enjoy himself then we should look to reschedule when the time is right.  I’m hoping for the best.  He seems genuinely interested.  I’ve got so much shit to do I’m crazy though!

Had to get a jump for my car battery because I left the lights on when I completed the Bunny Trail on Monday.  Have to watch it when I drive in the fog and come back South of Market when its sunny and forget to turn out the light.


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