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Thursday night, out with the guys and Friday morning, run.  Woke up feeling a little bit crunchy but was determined to go back to the trail.  I decided I would pick up coffee on the way and treat myself to a sugar-free Vanilla breve at Starbucks, but when I got there the line was too long and only one barista was on duty.  I guess everyone called in sick that day.  I went to Brainwash and had them do me a sugar-free Rocket Ole.  It was hot and tasty for sure, but I could really taste the saccharine flavor coming through.  Not exactly Pete’s but good and hot.

Drove to Fort Mason listening to Ozzy and feeling the power of his reign as the Prince of Darkness.  It was Frehley Friday on twitter, so I sat in my Contour tweeting Ace up and trying to finish my Ole.  When I started the trail, my legs felt like trained dogs eager to run through the park.  I was surprised, it definitely seemed like my legs had a will of their own.  Checking in with the body, I realized that I didn’t feel any pain from the recurrent calf strain and the only thing that is going on is that slight strain in my inner left ankle.  The metal on my iPod Shuffle was particularly ruling that day and I ran strong and steady to Fort Point.  I noticed I was passing alot of people.

Looking at my splits, I averaged about 9:40 miles in miles 2-4.   Starting to chafe because of my mileage so now I will have to remember to lube up before the trail.  I think I was good until about mile 5 then I started to seriously bonk.  I didn’t eat dinner before I went out and only had a cantaloupe slice before my coffee so my reserves were burnt.   By the time I got to the park at Lower Fort Mason, I just walked up the hill to the Contour.

I had to go straight to work after a shower and a green smoothie.  When I started my first client I realized I was still metabolizing and processing the run.  I got hot and sweaty with just a little activity and the coffee made me shaky,  the Vodka…well I know the run kicked the ass out of any hangover, but I wonder if it also made me a little buzzed again.  After eating lunch I felt much better and then crashed around siesta time, but all around did good work and was present with my guests and colleagues.

Today I get to rest. I just have to get to work. Sunday and Monday I’ll hit the trail again, close this circuit and start doing hills on Wednesday.


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