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I was an ounce of intention away from quitting my trail run as soon as I got started but I figured if partying is going to get in the way of my training I have a serious problem.  Been a lot of night time activity this week from the WordCamp after party to the Big Idea Night at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts last night.  Its June, so events do pick up in San Francisco for TLBGQ Pride Month.  I’m also scheduled to do a drag number for Chaser (Vanity 6), opening for Ongina of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and at Drag for a Change (Grace Jones): an event on the steps of City Hall in demonstration against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget cuts to not only AIDS drug funding but also California State Parks among many other social programs he outrageously wants to terminate.  Maintaining a rock star persona is important to me and I identify as one and  am Punk Rock.  I know everyone is looking at me.  I know I’m not mainstream.  I know that my desires can be clearly read and I consciously challenge the status quo.  I also know that it is within my power to project and perform the identity I am claiming, but I have no control over how others perceive my projections.

Right away I started getting acid reflux and a stitch in my side as I was cutting through the park at Fort Mason in the beginning of my run.  I looked at Safeway, thought of bacon, looked up the hill at the parking lot and thought of getting my car to go home and make breakfast instead of making the run.  I looked around at all the people in the Marina running, recreating, cycling and looked at myself and thought, shit, I just need to do it.  It is sunny today, and it was breezy with the wind coming in my face as I ran towards Fort Point.  I could see the Golden Gate Bridge in stark orange relief against a clear blue cliche, with the water choppy, grey and white… sailboats on the water.  Alot of guys where running around with their tops off, and I laughed inwardly recognizing that describes my look for the last two days going to the party and  walking home this morning after the bars last night in full leather.

Knowing that I could see my goal, I just had to run to it, run back: simply, that’s what running is all about.  I stowed the pain, anxiety and irritation  where they were located and did my best to run through it.  Fortunately for me, my legs felt like an engine, well tuned and ready to roll though the driver doesn’t know if she’s ready to deal with the road.  Eventually I forgot about my discomfort as I merged into the tempo of the run.  I stopped and took some pictures of the beach and the people there, the Bay and the Bridge, put my phone back into my Camelbak and continued down the trail.  At the edge of Crissy Field before the Warming Hut, I was sufficiently warmed up and stripped down to bare chested.  There was evidence of a triathlon that had already occurred or been in progress because there was cycle storage and banners on the lawn.  Strong coming down the road to Fort Point and I challenged the benches there to a little step work.

Was feeling nice and steady on the return through Crissy Field but was wondering if I was going to bonk like I did the other day.  As it was, my fastest mile split (9.47) came at miles 4-5 and I even stopped to take a piss during it.  Then its all Marina Green and a cruise to the Contour.

Got very, very horny on the drive home.  Made a mango, raspberry banana green smoothie and watered the plants.  Mi Tierra carries unsweetened soy milk for $2.29 so that is major and I found the pigeons have made a nest in the rain gutter.  Now I have to deal with craziness.  One room at a time.


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