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Was eager to go, but had a little trouble getting out of the house, not because anything was wrong, just the coffee was good.  Had to have a second cup and managed my twats realizing that today was #musicmonday and I wanted to promote STORMCROW and SKAVEN.  Got into a conversation with VikingFist about how metalheads and hiphoppers are probably responsible for vinyl records still being produced.  I got the STORMCROW/SKAVEN 7″ split disc at their show last month at Annie’s and didn’t listen to it until this morning.  Fucken awesome.  VikingFist calls STORMCROW War Metal, and the illustration on the cover and the post-card from the show confirms his genre labelling.  Post Apocalyptic we are fighting a WAR!  I have to get this disc on my METAL_666 playlist, but not today, have to much foolishness to deal with.

Drove down to Fort Mason got out of the car and took photographs for the day so I wouldn’t have to stop on the trail.  It was breezy like yesterday but cooler with patchy fog.  Wasn’t too uncomfortable in what I was wearing, wore the North Face T and Nike shorts, Adidas headband because my 49ers hat is starting to look janky.  JVC Studio Monitor Headphones are working out really well.  Running against the wind and feeling good to be running pain free.  I was strong, not particularly fast, but nice and steady.  My legs were propelling me as if they were set on automatic.  Looking at the hills on the Presidio and plotting the next trail that will incorporate hillwork.  Noticed Cycle Police on the old pier getting their picture taken in formation.  Looked at the Golden Gate Bridge and got emotional at the beauty of it and the pride I feel for this City.  My native City.  At Fort Point, I noticed the gate was open with a Ranger positioned outside, so I went inside to explore.

I don’t remember ever being inside the fort.  It is a 3 storied brick edifice with a central courtyard.  In the courtyard are cannon and a wooden device most likely used to hoist materiel to the upper levels.  The North Side has corinthian columns decoratively bracing the walkways were the soldiers lodged and the other side had portholes under brick arches.  Obviously this was to defend against invaders coming through the Golden Gate Strait to the San Francisco Bay.  There was a lighthouse on the uppermost level and a spiral staircase that opened on all the levels.

By then the fog had burned off. Hit resume took a piss and headed back. 

Not very eventful, but I got this circuit closed.  I increased my mileage and am ready to do some hills.  Haven’t nailed down the exact course yet, but I do know I want to hit the National Cemetery as a part of it because there is a coyote den in that area and I want to see if I can find any evidence of it.  I only want the run to be 5 miles, and I think I will challenge myself with the stairs to Marshall Beach.  I am pain free now and wonder how the hills are going to tweak me out again.

In an effort to be more sustainable and also save money I returned my weapons of choice, Vodka, Soda and Wine, for their redemption value at Whole Foods.  Made 82c and with the $10 I had left over in tips from this weekend was able to get Milk, Wine and some fresh sausages. Got home and rubbed out the soreness with the Sage and Lavender growing in my urban garden.


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  1. Am totally guilty of being a complete couch potato lately – once again you make me feel guilty!!

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