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I almost decided to stay home and take care of shit around my flat instead of going running but one look at the shiny wet street below my bay windows convinced me that the conditions were going to be just right and my enthusiasm to begin hill work won me over.  I have been procrastinating alot about doing things around my house because I’ve been feeling overconfined in here and my depression shows.  Its true that not only do I use running  to run from behaviors I have a hard time overcoming  but also  to run towards the behaviors that add value to me as a person.  So to put off a run and end up not doing the chores would just be self defeating.  As mundane as it sounds here, that was my rationale on the trail, thinking about my shortcomings and failures and how I am really ashamed of them and I need some help with them, yet at the same time in the moment on the trail being/becoming a major competitive athlete in an extreme sport who eats mountains for breakfast.

So I simply gave myself a schedule today:  1 hour to blog, 1 hour for the kitchen, 1 hour for this office, an hour for the bathroom, hall and boot closet, an hour for the bedroom and an hour for the foyer and living room, meanwhile washing towels, work clothes and running gear.  I’ve set my phone to chime when each hour is up and if I’m not done I have to put it down and move on to the next in sequence.  I need to take the discipline that I’ve been applying to the trail and bring it into my domestic life.  Hopefully that will have some effect on my love life and my interpersonal relationships both with work and friends.  Perhaps that will have a positive effect on my depression.  I’m 40 and haven’t grown out of my Gothic Teenage Angst, in fact I’ve gotten to be an expert at being mired in it.

I always feel better when I’m done, but I always feel like a thundering angel when I’m hitting my stride at a comfortable, sustainable yet maximal pace.  Explosions.  I started today’s trail at Baker Beach and my intention was to describe a loop with major hill intervention and a distance of 5 miles.  I was successful at this, clocked in at 5.39 miles in a second under 1 hour 18 minutes.  I was a little over, but I did get lost and the thistles off the trail will punish you for that.  A goal for this trail is to run it clean and get my time under 1 hour and the distance closer to 5 miles exactly.  This was a really rewarding trail today, as it passed alot of my favorite spots in the Presidio:

  • Park at Baker Beach and run through Battery Chamberlain up the switchback to Battery Crosby where you pick up the Battery to Bluffs Trail and the staircase that takes you down to Marshall Beach.
  • Stay behind the Battery on the Bluff and pick up the detour that takes you to the trail and roadway that runs under the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Run under the tunnel of the Historic Battery and pick up the winding trail that leads down to the Warming Hut at Crissy Field.
  • Run to the end of the pier there avoiding the cast lines of the fisherman and pick up the dirt trail heading East down Crissy Field.
  • Cut across the Estuary to Halleck Street and run on the boards of the old military Buildings.
  • Past The Bay School and slice through the lawn and under the flagpole at Pershing Square.
  • Pick up the back trail off of Infantry Terrace that leads through the Eucalyptus grove behind the National Cemetery.
  • Don’t get lost and take the Bay Trail Connector on your right, continue to the left uphill and pick up the trails below Nauman, cross Washington and follow the trail that leads to Compton.
  • Passing the Wine Bunker and the playground on Compton make a right and pick up Washington Boulevard again.  There are no more ascents on the trail now and its all downhill from here.
  • Cross the street to Immigrant Point cut down and acknowledge the Goddess that watches over the souls of the servicemen lost at sea during WWII, cross Lincoln down the Sand Ladder and you are back on the beach.

All in all my time was good.  I did stop to adjust my gear at the lookout above Marshalls beach.  The marine layer was insulative today and it was more muggy on the verge of being warm.  A warm foggy day if you will, no breeze.  I felt powerful today.  I did have to stop on some sections where it was to steep to run, but kept in mind that today was more about scouting.  As far as coyote scat, I found some on the steps coming down from Battery Crosby. My fastest split was a 9:26 between miles 3-4 which was crossing the Estuary and crossing Pershing Square.  I’m sure that is my fastest mile thus far. I climbed 1008 feet which is perfect for the race I’m training for on July 26th, an 11k trail race at Salt Point in Jenner, California.

So to stay on schedule I’ll conclude here.  I noticed my readership increasing and I want you to know that that is a major inspiration to me, helps me feel like I’m connecting and is a balm to my fouler moods.


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  1. Z,

    I so admire your discipline. I really like that idea of setting a timer and “getting on” with things rather than getting mired in a task. I’ll have to give it a whirl…

    I’ll have to keep reading more closely… maybe I’ll try your test again. LOL


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