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In preparation for my race at Salt Point in Jenner, California, I thought I’d try Monday’s trail run without my usual Metal playlist on my iPod Shuffle.  I woke up at home (!) in the bed (!!) and set off for the trail around 7ish.  Had some nice coffee and got geared up and headed out to the Beach.  I was wondering if running without music would make me any faster, as maybe if I was running to a beat then the music could be at a slower pace than what I am capable of running.   But really I’m mostly listening to Black Metal or Extreme Metal, some Techno and Pop, Rap–all of which, despite the genre and/or however you want to classify them all have pretty fast paced tempos. Especially the double bass of Cato Bekkevold from ENSLAVED.  He is one awesome drummer.  I’d buy an album of his studio tracks without the rest of the band just to get into the intricacies of his drumming style.

It was a cool overcast day with a thick marine layer, not really fog, no significant breeze to speak of when I started the trail at Battery Chamberlain, but a  breeze did pick up somewhat atop the bluff at Battery Crosby as it would do.  I layered properly, so I didn’t have to stop and take off an outer layer and get untangled from my headphone wires, a major time waster.  All in all, this was the fastest time I did this course at just seconds over 1 hour 9 minutes, good and steady, my fastest split was 10:16 between miles 3 and 4 which seems to be the distance where my speed is peaking, halfway through.  I didn’t realize I forgot my Nike Vapor sunglasses until I was in Crissy Field, but as the day was not bright at all, glare was never an issue.  Still it felt incredible to be running without the pains that were plaguing me in the beginning of this training.  Happy to know that I was able to persevere  and train through that.

One interesting thing about running without music is that I did feel as if I was running faster, but my results show that the duration of the run was most likely lowered by not having to adjust my layers.  As a practice, I’ll see how this goes for the next two courses I’m plotting.  I’ll try to run the third circuit without music as an experiment in comparison.  Cos I mentioned it, the next two courses are a flatter course from California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach and Back (aproximately 6miles) and exploring the Fairy Trail and Ridge Trails atop Mount Sutro (this should be a total adventure because I’m not familiar with that mountain).  Concluding that, I’ll do a review of all 8 courses that I put together so far and I think that will take me up to the race I have scheduled on 26 July.



  1. I was always a dancer…
    now I can’t move without music
    no tunes, no exercise.

  2. Just had to mix it up cos some races don’t allow headphones, but not this one in June. It’s hosted by Pacific Coast Trail Runs, but it’s EnviroSports is the one that bans the iTunes. My Metal rules the trails though!

  3. …err July…26th.

  4. *runs in*

    Heyyyy!! WTF? I didn’t know you could leave comments in here!! *looks around* Nice digs. Bravo to you for the running. I can’t wait to get my I-touch so I can download runkeeper. Then we can compare our runs. I have awhile to catch up to you but at least we are trying. I also cannot run without music.

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