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Blustery this morning, at the beach.  The clouds over the strait were getting whipped up by that wind, as were the whitecaps in the shore break.  I suited up in shorts today, and the tank under the t.  Running with my headphones and Metal playlist.  Its good to be back.

Hung out with LGID last night and drank a bit of well Vodka, due to the Obama Economy I have to downgrade from Stoli when I go out.  I met LGID at the Hole after his tenants meeting and then we had another at the Powerhouse.  Didn’t have anything for dinner really cos I went straight out after work except for popcorn and bar snacks.  So when I woke up this morning I new I was tanked, but had to get this circuit closed and done early because the landlord was coming over and I was going to the Giants’ Game with Connie Champagne.

Not really crunchy, but knowing that I was running on reserves, I took to the trail, legs jumping at the ready like horses.  It was shortlived, however.  Going up the hill at the switchback behind Battery Chamberlain, that bitch of a calf strain decided to  come back.  I had to deal with and run through the discomfort.  Its a pain, its a strain, its some sort of muscle ache.  Its been described to me before as scar tissue from the muscle tearing from overuse.  A training injury.  Its been good for awhile and I’ve been bragging, so it probably may have do with dehydration and nutrition.  I gotta work it out.

I wasn’t going to give it up for hell, and just decided to power through. For a moment I thought to cut it short and not run the stairs down and up from Marshall’s Beach but I stuck it.  By the time I descended to Crissy Field, I had to stop and adjust layers, taking off my outer t and stretching out the strain.  The sun was breaking through the marine layer over in Tiburon and Richmond, so I knew that it was going to be a great day for baseball.

Uncomfortable, but semi-tolerable.  When I got to the bottom of the trail that leads through the Eucalyptus Grove by the National Cemetery I just walked it all the way uphill.  Some days it just ain’t gonna feel pretty.  I hopped the cemetery gate and took some shots of the graveyard discovering that everyone in that section in the upper most corner all died in 1934. The officers’ wives, when interred by their husbands’ sides have their epitaphs engraved on the backs of the tombstones.

Finished up, checked my time and realize allthough today’s run was quite sufferable, I was only about 5 minutes over a decent time.  So I have made progress despite the reemergence of that old calf strain.

The landlord called me while I was driving back home to tell me he’d be over in about an hour to do a walk through of my flat.  I’ve mentioned the problems I’ve been having around here, especially the ones with the commensal  insects, the paint, the carpet and the refrigerator.  What happened with the bugs was that when they sprayed last winter, he didn’t have a key to my apartment so I got all the bugs in the building.  It was a good visit, I got a check cos I overpaid my rent last year and he arranged an exterminator to come on Saturday.  Also he agreed to replace the carpets if I painted the walls myself.  I’m trying to get him to replace the fridge to because it leaks and makes a total mess of the kitchen floor.  I was seeing that he was being quite agreeable so I didn’t push for too much.  I love my flat, and if I can get him to help out with some of the major structural stuff, I can do the rest on my own.

So like a dick, I’m sitting there trying to get the new software update loaded on my iPhone, but of course every other geek in the twittiverse is doing the same thing at the same time.  I just had to leave the phone at home and go pick up Connie, then Doctor Bob.  Connie looked really hot in her Giants drag and we drove down to the game.  Struggled with finding parking, but ended up parking where I thought we should in the first place, behind Whole Foods because the ballpark is in my neighborhood and I have a residential sticker.  Still its a 4 or 5 very long South of Market block hike, but Connie and I shared a tall can on the way that we bought at the liquor store nearby South Park.

I am impressed by how much Connie knows about baseball and even further impressed by how much she is in love with Tim Lincecum, the face of the Giants, our star pitcher.  He pitched a great game and the giants were up 2 runs until Timmy had a meltdown in the 8th and we ended up losing by 1 run.  Thirdbaseman should have thrown to home plate instead of 1’st on two occasions, but still it was a perfect day to be at the ballpark, cheering and having beers with friends.

So to cap things off, thought I’d go and do Naked Yoga and stay committed to my practice.  Bryan was substituting that night which was great because I enjoyed his class before.  Bryan’s style is Anusurra and it focuses on using isometrics to intensify the poses.  There was none of the dreaded partner work afor which I am grateful.  There are 5 tenets to Anusurra and Bryan taught us 2, I forgot the second, but the first is “open up to grace.”  Yoga reminds me to lead with the heart, both figuratively and literally.  Figuratively: lead with love, committment and compassion.  Literally: put your heart forward and let it lead you up hills on the trail.  12 yogis including Bryan and myself, I like Wednesday nights.  I think I snored during the Shav Asana.  Bryan left us there for a long time and I quite needed that.


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  1. I’ve never fallen asleep in shavasana, but i’ve come close.

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