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Daily Archives: June 19th, 2009

It was about a quarter to six this morning when I walked home from Le Meridien.   I knew I could just crunch it and get a run in on the new trail through Golden Gate Park today before I had to get to work.

Fog was building up over Twin Peaks, a stark grey finger against a clear blue sky depressing the cleavage between the two mountains, but the flag flying atop the Art Deco skyscraper was absolutely flat so I knew it was gonna be nice, sunny and no breeze.

Sun was intense through the park, but the trees overhead diffused the light and scattered sunbeams.  I started at the California Academy of Sciences, and ran down MLK using the bridle trails and cut across the Windmill behind the Polo Fields up again running the side trail on the south walkway of JFK.  Through the sculpture garden underneath the tower at the DeYoung Museum, underneath the tunnel under the Music Concourse and across the lawn behind the Academy sciences and I’m back at the Contour in 4 seconds under an hour and 6 minutes running a trail of exactly 6 miles with very minimal elevation.  Fastest split between miles 3 and 4 (halfway peaking) 9:32.

I felt mechanical, I let my legs run this course today.  Started with a stitch in my side, but was able to manage the pain.  Calf strain settled down today.  I felt determined, not really strong,  just capable.