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I’m feeling a little cranky this morning, mostly because I’m having problems with my RunKeeper application and am a little hung over, and its Father’s Day and my dad was murdered.  I suppose I should be happy because of the great times we had together, be positive and all that but my dad was shot in cold blood by his best friend 13 years ago.  He was way too young to die and I was way to independent but I was just starting to come around and get back into my family and my dad and I had a very open and revealing man to man talk just before he was killed.  Actually I feel angry today, honestly I’m pissed.  Happy Fucking Father’s Day, motherfucker, you shot my Daddy you PRICK!!!

Got drunk with the girls from work last night and am feeling that too.  It was Gib’s last day and we all feel a loss from that so some drunken team building was definitely what we needed to fill the vacuum.  We came back to my house for more cocktails and one of my assistants fell asleep here.  She was just leaving my apartment when I got back from the trail.

It is so bright early in the morning I swear the sun rises at 5:30 am.  I was on the trail right at 7 just like before.  Kind of feeling anxious because I thought I left my sunglasses at the bar, but I found them underneath the bookcase back here in the office.  Forgot about Sunday road closures, did the trail without a shirt.  Can’t really say much except that I got through it and wasn’t feeling this crappy until I got my phone out to take a picture of a sculpture then my GPS application, RunKeeper failed.  I can’t get the app to load and it is distressing me.  I’m sure there are other factors contributing to this mood I’m in.

So because I’m a little pissed and only have negative things to say, I’m not going to say much.  I did 6 miles on the trail, I did it poorly, but I got it done.  I have to get a haircut, find a CD and start working on my drag number.


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  1. I did not know that you’d lost your father that way.
    It must have been awful. I am so sorry.

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