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Just registered for my first race of the year online at Pacific Coast Trail Runs.  My training is coming along great, even if on some or most days I am running with a hangover, I’m still getting out there on the trail.  The race is at Salt Point State Park in Jenner California, about a 45 minute drive from my favorite resort, the Highlands, making it like a 2 hour 15 minute drive to the race. I have entered the 11 kilometer distance and after the race I’m gonna eat a huge chicken fried steak and pancakes then go to the Highlands and lounge around the pool having cocktails naked like a civilized naturist like myself should do.

Just one more lap around the park and I’m done with this course.  Next course I’m gonna take it up to Brisbane and run some serious San Bruno Mountain State and County Park.  That looks like a run I’m not just going to be able to do on a Thursday before work.  It needs some serious scouting but I’m ready to eat it for breakfast if not this week then the next.  Sutro Mountain is just to small, but I’ll go check it out eventually.

But about today’s run: 6.01 miles in 66.06 minutes which means I’m really whittling down my pace.  I recorded my fastest split, an 8:23 between miles 3 and 4 which is where I’m peaking.  I just want to run faster!  I consciously worked on sprinting during flat sections.  I need to remember that and train to that for race day.  Impressions: a red tailed hawk was grounded and flew to perch on a branch when I passed by and I wonder what prey he had, lots of birthday parties, still nice enough to not wear a shirt.  I’m a little stoked and thinking about running it tomorrow, but I have my drag number tomorrow night so maybe waiting until Thursday to finish up at the park is the best deal, hell, I may even go explore San Bruno Mountain early early before the TLBGQ Pride Parade to make sure I get home back in time to get parking on my street.

So last night I went and did a Naked Yoga class because I was feeling so cranky yesterday morning what with crashing apps, remembering my dead dad who was murdered and being hung over with a toothache.  Alot of things were conspiring to make my mood foul, but I got over it by not only expressing it as a twitter feed but also by the support and feedback I was getting from community in response.  Its important to talk about painful things especially for someone like me who tends to bury things deep.  I got a haircut and talked about disappointing dads and their independent children with my stylist Niquenstein and afterwards did some very therapeutic retail shopping.  I ordered some Adizero XT trail running shoes, got 4 records, a beer, Terrorizer Magazine, and some Korean food at the mall.  Had fun modeling things on, but resisted the impulse to buy.  Got back just in time to go to Naked Yoga, but the substitute, although well intentioned, is still somewhat inexperienced and the class didn’t rock, but I did feel the benefits of it today on the trail.


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