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Wednesday was the day I do my volunteer work for the National Park Service at the Hyde Street Pier.  In an effort to be more ecologically sound, environmentally aware and to sustain the things that I love I ride my bike down to the volunteer gig or catch public transit.  I have been issued a parking permit and I’ve used it to park when I sailed on the Alma with the LGID, but I don’t really need the permit if I’m gonna trail run from Upper Fort Mason.

Its a really nice ride from my flat in the South of Market to Downtown San Francisco, cut directly through Union Square and into the Stockton Tunnel which lets me out in Chinatown and its all downhill through that and North Beach to the Wharf.  Coming home is a nice recreational flat ride down the Embarcadero past tourists and joggers and bikers.  Weaving ones way in and out, quite fun, especially on my little bike that everybody likes.

My volunteer gig was pretty awesome because it was my first full day in full uniform.  Still need to acquire some pants that match and the ball cap makes me look dweebish, but still it was interesting to see how the uniform made me approachable and I felt very proud and very useful to help people out and get to know their National Park and San Francisco much better.


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