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I just got back from the Pride Parade where I cycled with Mikes On Bikes, now I’m at home having a cocktail and getting ready to get into some ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ drags with a Cleopatra wig.  First I pumped up my tires at the gas station and rode down Folsom Street to where our contingent was meeting at Spear and Market.  I wore combat boots, my Camelbak, helmet, Nike Shades and a pair of pink square cut panites that say SMACK THAT on the ass.  I had my Camelbak filled with 2 litres of iced water and had stowed a tall can of Bud in the pocket. I pulled in and my Pride costume was a hit apparently.  I got my picture taken alot and people took my slogan literally, much to my delight.

The parade route took us down Market Street and our contingent is the first one right after the Dykes on Bikes, my favorite part of the Parade.  What I usually do is go and watch the Dykes, then come home and get into drags and have my own Pride Parade down Folsom Street to the Hole in the Wall.  Today, I was able to bike behind them, now I’m at home and about to get in drag.  The festivities last all day and I’m ready to supermodel for the tourists.


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