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Post Pride and ready to start a new trail up San Bruno Mountain.  Not too eager to get up on my day off at 6am like I normally would do to go trail, but allowed myself to sleep in til past noon and have some very leisurely coffees and check in on my tagged photos on facebook that my friends have posted of me at the Parade yesterday.  

I eventually got it together and drove out to Brisbane in search of the East Ridge Trail.  Following the directions to the trailhead I had downloaded at the SFMNHP realized that I had kept missing the turnoff and logically where it should have been was right when Glen Park Way intersected Kings Road.  After driving all the way down Kings Road and back I parked and started walking uphill to where a dirt road and a chained gate closed off the road.  There was a San Mateo County truck parked at the gate.

Up the steep road to where a water cistern was.  2 SM county employees where attending to a weather station at the cistern but didn’t notice me so I started up a very steep trail.  It wasn’t marked, but it was obvious.  There was alot of dessicated coyote scat on this trail and it was about a mile until I reached the top and a cairn marked the spot and there was a 2 track jeep trail that led up to the towers on San Bruno Mountain.  I finally hit a trail that I could run upon and I did so, up to about another mile I saw a figure on the outcropping and when I approached it turned out the figure was a hiker.  I approached and asked him where he had come from.  He said, “Switzerland.” I was like, “No, where did you come from on the trail?” He told me about parking lots, etc but really, I started getting a tingling sensation from over exertion and couldn’t stay to hear it, else I’d faint.  Did notice he checked me out as we were talking, I’m thinking Swiss trail romance, but hey, I gotta workout to complete.  Continued down the trail, run/hiking/tweeting/taking pics and by the time I reached the Summit Loop, he was already on my tail.

Hooking up at the Summit Loop I found that this was a good trail running course, single track with lots of foliage and poison oak growing into the trail.  Thistles.  Tough and technical.  Followed the ridge trail down to where it hooked up with an overlook.  Now I’m talking about the NE side of San Bruno Mountain under the Summit.  Continued on the Summit Loop and hit Radio Road underneath the Radio Towers. Confused by the signage, ended up trespassing down a road that was unsafe for humans due to high radio frequencies, then tracked back and caught the Summit Loop trail again.

Nice, nice trail for trail running.  Single track mountain ridge descending into a canyon.  At the bottom I felt the spirit of the dryads and had to kiss a tree and say a prayer of thanks to the God and Goddess in gratitude for existing in this incarnation that allowed me to be here at that moment.  Came to a road crossing, picked up the trail some more and found the trail head Eucalyptus Route which confirmed I had gotten the downloaded map totally wrong. Summit Trail Loop again uphill and finally getting back to the overlook, hooking up on that East Ridge to Summit Vista and back down the fire road past mile marker 1 deciding I was through and to mile marker at the cairns down Coyote Trail to my Contour.  Red Tail Hawks perched atop power towers were keening at my passing.

In all nearly 3 hours and a 9.5 mile hike/run.  Its scouting.  Here is what I need do when I take this as a trail running course to complete my second cycle.


  • Try to do this course as a 7 mile starting atop Radio Road, West down Summit Loop to the first mile marker on the Ridge Trail and Back to 400 Radio Road at the No Trespassing Gate
  • Do not attempt this trail with a hangover. It is extremely technical
  • Do fill hydration system to its capacity
  • Do  bring car lighter charger for the iPhone
  • Do wear running tights as trail is overgrown with thistles and poison oak
  • Do rock this summit and enjoy, you are a fucken epic trail runner.

I asked for hills, I got hills.  Now its just about putting this technical course together and running it in a respectable time.


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