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So today I rode my bike to the hospital.  I had a rash appear underneath my armpit sometime last week.  I was going to mention it in this training journal, cos the injury report is a key factor of minding the body.  So either on Thursday or Friday this rash appeared.  It persisted through Pride week and yesterday, it was with me atop San Bruno Mountain.  Today I called urgent care and they had me come into Kaiser with my regular doctor so he could diagnose me.

So I ride my bike to Kaiser, but first my front tire is falling off of my bike.  Get my weight done and I’m at 159.5 in board shorts, track top, t shirt and black leather Nike hi-tops.  Blood pressure normal -actually really good, temp normal all that.  Go get seated in the office, my doctor comes out takes a look at me and tells me its shingles.

Dr. is all, its very common and explains that it isn’t from Pride contact, rather shingles originates in an individual who previously suffered chicken pox.  Its a post infection from an initial infection with the chicken pox.  So it makes me extremely contagious to anyone who hasn’t had chicken pox, and if you’ve had the chicken pox before, look forward to getting some shingles when you hit a certain senior age or are in your 40’s with a compromised immune system from partying, not getting enough sleep, stress, cockroaches, sunlight and subjecting your body to the extreme rigors of trail running like I do, fucken over 80 miles of trail this month.  Little stress on the body with the party?  Yes.

So I’m basically in isolation for a week.  Its not a Sash Rash from my leather bra or contact dermatitis like I originally thought.  Nor is it a flesh eating bacteria or staph infection.  Its a flare up from a childhood infection, but now I can’t go to work for a week.  I’ve got shit to do around my flat and the Universe has called me out.  I need to deal:  here is my twittascope:

My Twittascope: Capricorn

Your mind might be running around in circles with more activity and less results than you like. It could even feel like you are revisiting the very same ideas again and again. You can break out of your rut by making a radical change to your work schedule, which should shake up other things too. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to gauge the efficacy of your plan without actually putting it into motion. Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Really?  Well it wasn’t up to me, it happened.  You know, when one gets sick from being run down, it is the Universe saying, “Bitch, hold UP!”  I think I’ve been given an opportunity to address the anchors that have been sinking me, time to shore up the breaches in this existential ship named for me.  Can I do this this week, and what kind of effect will being shingled out have to do with my training?

  • Not enough sleep:  Not getting enough sleep compromises the immune system.  I’d go out till 2, wake up at 5:30 and hit the trail.  I need to observe the Ayurvedic System which recognizes that I should be in bed by 10pm and up by 6am, that translates to 8 hours of sleep.  In addition, I haven’t always been sleeping in my bed, because of stress, I’ve been camping out in the living room.  Not good.  I need a full night’s sleep in my own bed, Le Meridien or the Chinatown Hilton non withstanding until at least I scar over.
  • Stress: Oh the Hells I create for myself, being an agent of Chaos with an overwhelming tendency to DisOrder.  I tend to create from Chaos, being a Chaotic individual I need to find a little balance.  I’ve tipped the scales way deep into that Chaotic part of my psyche.  I need to draw upon the powers of balance and start observing the Law for a change.  Not to become an agent of Law.  No, whatsoever, just to balance out the bent I find myself in at the moment.
  • Sunlight: I worship the sun and spend everychance I get fully exposed to it.  The sun activates the nerves where the virus resides and stimulates it to reemerge.  I don’t know if I can ever give up tanning naked, but maybe I can do more naked indoor activities.  For trail running, that means I need to be fully protected from the sun: sunscreen, full coverage.  Sad.
  • Nutrition: I am going to have to concentrate on eating more nourishing foodstuffs.  There may be some foods that don’t make it into my diet that serve to not only boost my immunity but also serve to suppress this chicken pox.  Sux!  Well I have a week to put together a diet and I can commend myself for already minimizing if not entirely eliminating tobacco and sugar.
  • I can still train hard on the trail, that ain’t going to change.

So this also means that my Hippy Hot Spring Yoga Retreat at Harbin is not going to happen.  I’m gonna fucken paint this flat and train extra hard on that mountain, fully covered, sad.  Oh well, I’m bummed.

After the doctors, on the ride home I stopped at Safeway to pick up some produce for my sick stay and yes, my ears weren’t deceiving me there was an announcement on the PA saying to ask your pharmacist about preventing shingles for incarnates older than 60.

hmm.  Aloha Miss Universe, you must have something special in store for me if you noticing me like this so much right now.  I’m your son and I am a reflection of your power.  If I am to be tested, you know my limits and I trust you enough to know that your objective is not to set me up to fail.



  1. Oh No!
    Poor you – shingles is awful.
    I’ve not had them yet… and I’m hoping to avoid them.

    Be well!

      • polynesian69
      • Posted Thursday 2 July 2009 at 12:15 pm
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      • Reply

      Thanks for the well wishes. I’m in isolation, good thing my sport doesn’t involve interacting with people. I’m just training, resting and eating. Sun is kind of hard to avoid but. Out of work for a week….

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