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When I run trail I am running through the most powerful spots on Earth.  San Bruno Mountain is one of these places, not only in the literal sense with its Power Towers and Radio Antennae and massive Electrical Generators–but also for its mystical quality, the way it is geologically positioned on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula bisecting it’s Northernmost tip from Bay to Ocean laterally, from East to West, rising from the Sea to tower and peak, so that at its Summit, one can see all of her Sister mountains that crown the place of my nascence. 

Today’s trail was more sane than the other day, because I had scouted the mountain and figured out the course I intended to do.  At 6.49 miles and a climb of 1,261 ft, I did the course in 1:41:26 with an average pace of a 15:37 minute mile.  I’ll have you heed I’m suffering from affliction currently, so it was on my mind not to over exert, just get done.  To make matters even more sufferable, I didn’t get on the trail until 11:23am positioning my run in the middle of the day’s most intense sunlight: something I need avoid.  It was quite hot on the trail and I ran it in tights, and Champion sport briefs (too much), and my North Face Championship T.  Got overheated in this getup, but really I need to minimize the exposure to the sun even though I did sunscreen up.  

When I got to the Gate House at the Parking Lot for the SB State & County Park, I didn’t realize I had to pay to park for day use.  I managed to just scrape up the fee with a few dollars in my pocket and change off the floor of the Contour.  Found Radio Road up to the Summit and parked at the top.  Took a few pictures on the phone and started running the Ridge Trail to where it connects with Summit Loop.  All good and cruise down hill.  Found the magic tree at the bottom of the trail and had to stop and kiss it and give thanks that I was here again and running.  By then it was high noon and the sun was intense in the open spaces, but I got a little reprieve running through the Eucalyptus Grove, home to a family of raucous crows.  Found myself having to walk the 486 foot ascent after mile 3 and a bit of breeze on the slope there kept me cooled down. I felt I was not in the right condition to blow up the hill.  Started feeling a tingling in my extremities, and I am wondering if it is a symptom of my affliction or just from over exertion.  Probably a combo.  Had another 258 feet to climb and just accepted that today I would run down and walk up.  Cool with that because this  mountain is just about training.  Then I’m crossing back onto the down and back of the Ridge Trail again and I only have to do an out and back to and from the mile marker, but running it, I felt as if that mile marker kept getting more and more distant.  I had a moment where I totally rushed, felt the power of the energy of myself and the mountain, synthesized it internally as dopamine, endorphin, adrenalin and every possible anti-body helper wellness friend and was able to transmit it through my body to heal myself.  Lasted for a good few moments.  I am drawing from a power source that takes commitment in order to manifest.

Felt really powerful up there and identified as a Ridge Runner.  An entity who splits the periphery and merges horizons.  From my perspective I see other ridges to run, other canyons to cruise and summits over which to soar.  My soul is a hawk and I’m adopted by crows, but they still won’t let me feed at their table.  I can identify coyote scat and when I do so, I know that I am on a road which is rarely trod.


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  1. … and as you run those ridges, cruise canyons, and soar over summits on that rarely trod road know that this Mist Witch salutes your adventure

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