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Running on the ridges I feel isolated yet connected–part of something greater, yet detached, small and autonomous.  San Bruno Mountain presented me with a different look today, shrouded in fog whipping up its peak to spill into the shrub and wild flower covered valley like rock and roll dry ice pyros.  A wet fire comes boiling from the sea to cool and moisten the flora, obscuring the Radio Towers on the Summit, leaving only their spread iron bases as proof to where they stood.

I was glad to be in the cloud cover because I am trying to avoid sun.  Suited up in tight Dri-fit fabrics and covered wrist to ankle in this technical material, I was worried if one layer would be to thin to resist the wind; sunlight not being at issue.  Still as I started down the trail and was protected from exposure  on the summit I warmed up and started to sweat as I worked my downhill stride.  Feeling good power in my legs, but running in shoes that are proving to be flat, thinking about getting sponsored by a major sportswear outfitter for shoes and race fees.  Lush overgrown single track and grateful for my 24% polypropylene armor to protect me from  brambles, black berry vines, poison oak and grasses with spiky seed.  Down again to the Magic Tree and declining to ask her for a pic, I just gave her a hug and ran past.  Made good all the way down the Mountain, but up, different story.

Remembering to take it easy.  I’m training and I’m compromised.  Hitting the uphill at a walk run, not hungry enough for blackberries.  Intervals?  I suppose I could call it that if I wanted.  Just letting my mind be distracted not concentrating on the physical, just taking what was available to me.  Before I know it, I’m at the Northern Vista for the Summit Loop and I’m back on the Ridge Trail for some Out and Back.

Fog disperses to a mist on the Ridge because of climatological factors I’m too novice to understand.  However, being a Ridge Runner, getting to know instinctively how the climate is going to manifest in my environment depending on the time of day and season is what is so important about being out there in element–its a process at becoming adept at my sport.  Trail running is a battle against self, against element, against environment.  Trail running is a battle where every combatant in this theater comes out victor.  Win, win, win all around.


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  1. wet fire? I like this… it sort of captures why I’m facsinated by mist
    – so many things that shouldn’t exist together – a mystery. Wet Fire.

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