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And now for the rewards.  I’m doing what I term as a ‘course review,’ that is I am running all the courses, or trails, that I have run sequentially since the beginning of this new training program.  I just did a 2.67 mile run in the Presidio and was happy to hit an aggregate sub 10 minute mile pace on this relatively flat course.  Course review is going to be taking me all over SF as I hit each trail once and see if I can improve on my personal best now that I’ve built up mileage.  Once I’ve peaked up to San Bruno Mountain, I’ll taper down again and then try Palace to Palace. My ultimate goal is to be hitting a sub 10 minute mile pace regardless of elevation which although difficult will serve to place me high in competition.  A course review is going to get me into shape for my race on the 26th, but tapering up runs contrary to most training regimens, but as I am my own coach, I can facilitate a program that is going to work for me.


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