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Short distances seem so easy and doable after the adventure on San Bruno Mountain, however, the goal of a sub 1o minute mile was a little bit lofty.  I must have been stoked.  As it was, I got up pretty early today, around 8 and hit the trail head at Lands End to do the 3.24 mile course review from Eagle Point to Sutro Park.  I got out of the Contour, set my sports water bottle down on a bench, and wandered around the point to take pictures of the landscape and marine layer.  When I got back, I was so pissed that somebody had taken my water bottle, apparently stealing it because it wasn’t in the trash bin.  Sorry for whomever, I’ve been sick for a week and I never wash that.  You would think people would respect other peoples shit on the trail, it was infuriating.

But I tried to settle down, did, and hit the trail.  Just really conscious of keeping a nice and steady tempo.  Stopped to ask a park volunteer if she took my bottle, no.  Was able to take the set of stairs at a gallop, but there was a group of elderly descending, so had to slow down a bit.  Gallop gallop, hitting the trail, Park ruins turn around, gallop gallop, now some old Chinese ladies coming down the stairs, 3 of them at the top were sharing candies. Gallop, coming around the bend, Bam! I’m done

Was a good short run averaging 11:40. Had to stop, really shouldn’t have been running, rather resting today.  Tomorrow is a definite rest day.  Also, I’m healing well and should be good to go when I return to work on Thursday.



  1. Sacred Ass Paddle of Karma will deal with the water bottle thief… ;D

    • polynesian69
    • Posted Thursday 9 July 2009 at 11:25 pm
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    There has been an alert for acid bombs in the Bay Area. People fill up a plastic bottle with acid and leave them out in public. The gasses build up and explode spraying acid all over. I hope mine bottle wasn’t used or mistaken for one of these. Its not even like you can blame it on a homeless person. I parked at a golf course in the richest part of town and the park volunteer clearly did not have it in her trash bag. But still, re: acid bombs. Don’t touch someone’s drink!

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