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Floating down the trail, preoccupied with the work and the stress it is causing me and preparing for my quarterly evaluation.  In light of my recent stress induced illness and time away from work, I need to locate the areas where this stress is being generated and attempt to nullify it.  There has been alot of turnover at my job, most notably at the senior level, leaving me the second most senior in my department.  I brought it to management’s attention that I was concerned about the ramifications of the turnover and how it would affect me.  Why are we losing experienced people?  Was I next?

Trail running is as much mental as it is physical, intrinsically enmeshed.  Trail running is also a pressure valve allowing me to blow off steam caused by the stress of making a living and having to deal with people. My performance was a bit off, due to stress and worry, but getting it done on the trail let me know I would be able to get it done in the office, so let me try to get on point:

I’m in the process of tapering for my upcoming race.  Goal is to run 50% less in the  3 weeks prior to the race than I  did in the entire previous month. In June I did approximately 82 miles.  My tapering plan is 50x75x50: So it should be performed as such:

  • Week 1– 21 Miles
  • Week 2– 14 Miles
  • Week 3– 7 Miles

My buddy @davhacq on twitter helped me come up with that one.

Thus far this week I’ve completed 16.76 miles, today just completing The Great Highway at Ocean Beach with fair to middling time.  Looks like I’ve set myself up to close this week out on the Bunny Trail.  Good job, should do it tomorrow, but thats so early, may have to wait till Sunday.

Now I have to iron a shirt and dress in black for this management meeting.


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