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Yesterday I finished the first 4 segments of my Course Review, the goal being to run 21 miles in week 1 of my 3 week scientific taper–it took me 8 days.  Wrapping up the first week on the Bunny Trail I somehow managed to run exactly 21.01 miles, so there is something special to this Taper Up.  Presently, I’m having a coffee and getting ready to do 6 down the Marina, from Fort to Fort.  This week I’m scheduled to do a 14 mile Taper Up, but as it is, the mileage will prevent me from doing a sequential Taper Up, what I will do is F2F today, Golden Gate Park on Wednesday, then the Presidio Golf Course to Immigrant Point and back again.  I’ll be doing my final run of race week through the Presidio and extending it a bit to a 7 mile awesomeness throwing in some hills.

So I thought it was going to be sunny yesterday driving up to Grey Whale Cove, but on the 280 Daly City was slammed with what looked to be impenetrable fog.  Still so on Highway 1 in Pacifica, but as I careened through Devil’s Slide, the fog cleared over San Pedro Mountain and the beach below as if under a spell.  I pull into the parking lot and am greeted by full on surfer naked ass as this particular surfer didn’t bother doing the towel strip tease, just changing into his wet suit in front of his surf buddies just like that.  Very much appreciated.  Good Morning!  Did a quick warmup and hit the trail.  Was pleased that I could keep a steady uphill pace up the mountain cos I remember struggling so much on the days they poisoned the trail.  Zip up, zip down. Totally hot.

Something cool came my way.  I responded to a tweet where an integrative medicine practitioner wants to exchange massage for a haircut.  After my run I fullfilled my part of the trade with practitioner, Scott Henady from  I feel as if I am assembling my trail running support team and I so need an integrative health approach to trail running as you know I try to be as holistic as manageable, have recurrent injuries and chronic maladies, so I’m hoping that working with Scott will help me with those as well as improving my performance and recoveries.  He suggested that we do a pre-run treatment.  I’m going to let him practice his craft on me as I practice mine on the trail. It feels really good to have a health professional’s perspective on my Trail Running Dolphin Talking Team.


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