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Tapering up doing the first trail of my second 4 course circuit.  The goal this week is to run 14 miles.  I completed a 6.48 mile course from Upper Fort Mason to Fort Point.  I averaged an 11:04 but at one point, I actually ran an 8:28 split.  That surprised me. I knew I was doing it on the trail, but as I was crossing through the meadow at Fort Mason I saw this epic image of a tall ship coming through the Golden Gate being heralded by a fire ship blowing water up to fountain down in a spray of rainbows.

I stopped at a good vantage point and took pictures and watched the stately Cuauhtémoc  sweep into the bay, pennants streaming and flags billowing.  The ship was tall and elegant. I tried to take pictures of her on my iPhone, but the perspective was too distant.  I think I need a digital mini cam with a zoom since photo blogging I particularily enjoy.

So hit the trail and the weather in San Francisco is hot.  Lots of guys running around without shirts which I much appreciate.  All body types, all men, all loving it.  I kept my top on because I need to be sensible about exposure to the sun in my advanced age. That sucks in particular.

So cruise on through, sort of surprised at how comfortable I feel on the trail.  Found that I could extend my chi to the edges of my feet and propel myself with a little bit more kick.  Challenged the benches outside of Fort Point to the smiles of a kick ass looking topless young triathlete.  What I’m trying to do, to prepare for my race is analyze on what type of terrain I can give a kick, when to hold back.  I’m not going to be able to run the course in Salt Point before race day, and I know that I hold back somewhat.  I have to go balls out downhill and run steady quick on the flats and make sure I can sustain a nice tempo on the climb.  I have it in me, lets see how it is when I’m out there.

So, upcoming: Wednesday I get my pre-run massage treatment from Scott, after which I’ll do Golden Gate Park. That will put me at about 12.5 miles for the week.  This puts me in a position to go over 14 miles if I do the shortest trail, so I don’t really know what I’m going to do. Maybe Wine Bunker again? We’ll see.


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