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Wednesday morning I had an appointment scheduled with my new body worker for a pre-run treatment with the intention of increasing my speed on the trail and reducing my recovery time.  I may have mentioned before that I made the contact with therapist Scott Henady on twitter searching hashtags for people talking about haircuts in my other persona as shop microblogger.  Was running late for my appointment because the heatwave had evaporated the last of my gas in the tank so had to go and fill up a gas can at the station down the street.  Lucky I had an empty gas can in the trunk and only ended up being an half hour late, which Scott was cool about.

Before the treatment, Scott did an intake, identifying my mileage and troubling areas.  What I feel strongly about is that Scott has a background in sports and fitness therapy and I need a qualified expert experienced in this area.  He had me stand up and he prodded me and found that I am right side dominant, the right side of my body is more built than the left. I know thats true because my right side has more strain and felt dull and achy when he poked me, the left side bright and tingly.  He said it has to do with the release of lactic acid in the muscle, the weaker muscles releasing more.  To balance out my body he suggests that I spend more time weight training the lower body.  He agrees that I shouldn’t try anything new until after this race, so I think I may have to upgrade away from that rec center on 6th Street.

After that it was face down on the table and during the relieving treatment I realized that this is an essential part of training and like most Westerners I can’t look at massage therapy as a luxury.  What I will be doing is twice monthly treatments with Scott, hopefully at least one of them will work out as trade.

So I was looking forward to how I’d be doing performance wise after my pre-run treatment.  Golden Gate Park was the scheduled Taper Up so I drove from Scott’s clinic in Glen Park through O’Shaugnessy, Forest Hill and down to 9th Ave.  It was almost 12 and traffic was backing up to get into the park because of the King Tut exhibit at the De Young.  Being local, I turned off on Lincoln and found free 2 hour parking right on 8th Ave.  It was a little hectic in the park. I saw an old couple had crashed into a granite lamp post and the glass cover had smashed into their windshield and their airbags had deployed.  Sucks.  By the time I was on the bridle trail back to solitude down the back paths of the park.  Trying to notice what was going on in my body, I felt light, was able to pick up my knees in stride instead of shuffling along.  Felt good and felt fast.

Run was rather non-eventful, which is a good thing.  By the time I got back to the De Young, I thought it would be  better to turn off the jets and just walk back to the car.  There were just too many people to deal with and tensions were high with the traffic jam in the park.

So I somewhat mis-scheduled this taper up for this week.  I have 1.5 miles to do today, but obviously am not and will do it tomorrow.  I have Naked Yoga for Men on the schedule in 4 hours, but I’ve been kind of achey with phantom tapering pains since Friday, back pain primarily.  I woke up this morning after 12 o’clock and just took a leftover Tylenol 3 which mellowed it out.  Then I took another one.  I’ll figure out what kind of shape I’m in by 5.

So Tapering Up is going well.  Tomorrow do a shorty uphill in the Presidio, then on Wednesday is my final training long run at 7 miles with more challenging elevations.  Race is on Sunday and I have a pre-run session with Scott on Saturday after work at 6 pm.  Then I’m having dinner with Chef James O. Its his birthday  Looking forward to it.


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