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Really didn’t know what I was doing today as I was all groggy and sore with phantom pains from tapering.  Flat a mess, haven’t really done much housework since I fell ill and it was definitely starting to become a problem and my low energy hardly enabled me to address it.  However, I did what I could, made a dent rather than an impact.  Took some Tylenols with Codeine for the back pain and it worked so well I took another.  Started watching Devil Wears Prada after getting a slice from Chico’s and Monistat stopped over to piss before the Tea Dance and convinced me to go to Naked Yoga for Men just by saying I looked good in the 2 years since I stopped trail running and talking to the dolphins.  It hasn’t really been that long.

So I drove to the Mission after showering my hole to be nice to the yogis fore and aft.  I was 10 minutes early but the studio was packed.  I was #20 to sign up on the donation list and the room was 4 wide by 6 men deep.  I had to go in the front, but it was alright.  During my practice I realized how much I have neglected yoga, but some of that wasn’t my fault because I was ill, but still I need to insure that I get more of yoga in my X-Training, even if, Kali forfend, I have to do it with clothes on.

This particular session I have to remember because it served to stretch and address every part of my musculature that was sore from trail running and tapering up.  I’ll try to do this and research these A and B yoga series and do them by a Northern California beach in the waiting period before my next race.


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