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Kind of embarassing, I had 1.5 miles to make up for week 2 taper and I couldn’t even complete that.  Drove out to Immigrant Point and was going to run to Mountain Lake, which was only a mile away.  The trail markers told me to run straight up, then it told me to go down Washington.  I checked my GPS unit and I had only gone a half mile.  Thinking for some reason that a Mountain Lake must be on top of a mountain,  cut back through Compton and found myself running behind where they are restoring the Rob Hill Campground.  Took a frustrated piss and circled back and I was at my car only completing a .81 of a mile trail run today.

So what’s the point?  Even though today’s run sucked it taught me a little bit.  I need to get warmed up and layered.  It was so cold it was stinging my face and I ran with my jacket on which soon got me overheated in the first half mile.  I blew the whole thing off and just ate some pork chops.  I need to regain my focus and tapering up and not running as much has caused me to lose it.


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