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On the way back from the River on Monday night I had to do some shopping at the Petaluma Nike outlet and the Target in Novato for home goods and some rewarding gear.  I really need some new trail running shoes as my Adidas are flat.  The Air Pegasus by Nike just didn’t fit me although they were my size and I resisted buying a pair of black leather high tops, although I lust.  One essential piece of gear I got on sale for $9.99 are Men’s Structured Training Gloves with a Velcro strap for wrist support and stability and a simulated leather padding for the palm and high tech plastic shield for the top of the hand.  Protection in trail running from potential falls on unforgiving surfaces.  The other score is a white USA training hoodie from the Beijing Olympics that zips front and back and has subtle stars across the collar and breast shield.  On clearance for $24.99. Super tight.

But the ultimate score was at Target in Novato: a Garmin Forerunner 50 Heart Rate Monitor marked down 50% on clearance in the camping section for $51.74.  My body worker, Scott Henady, suggested I get one to improve my performance.  I feel like this heart rate monitor being in Target at half price is the universe telling me “good job, son!”  I’ve trained with it since, but I’ll report that in a later update.  The other score is a ceramic water cooler in the shape of a campfire with matching glasses that say BBQ time on it. $5 for the cooler, and $2.49 for the glasses.  Fucken love Target.

Slept well at home, rocked it at work with a busy schedule, but just made it out early enough, due to a cancellation to attend Naked Yoga For Men with my favorite instructor, Ken Brenniman.

Showered my hole as is proper and self respecting for any Naked Yoga attendee and scored good parking on Mission Street.  The men had already entered the studio, so again I was forced to have a spot in the front corner by the window.  When I ran my race on Sunday, and I credit the body work for this, I was running without pain in the usual haunts, my lower calf.  Post race soreness was concentrated in my quads, especially at the insertion at the knees, both legs.  My body phenomenon made it feel as if my quads were massive.  They really powered me through the race.  It was good to have a hot olive oil and salt scrub and do the hot tub at the Highlands Resort, without which I would have been majorly compromised.  As always the Yoga practice stretched, crunched and cracked out the stuff that can’t be reached.  Partner work, which I hate, I ended up doing with Ken, which I didn’t mind, and the poses were actually specific to what was going on with me, so I really got the most out of practice that night.

After Yoga I went to Truly Mediterranean, again scoring unbelievably good parking on Valencia Street, picking up a Chicken Shwarma, spicy with extra eggplant to go.


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