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Went to Kaiser to pick up my prescription for the Miracle Mouthwash, a wide-spectrum anti-microbial compound to relieve this current malady I’m dealing with.  One gargle and spit, could tell that this was the shit and the mouthwash soothed and cleansed the throat irritation that has been bothering me these past days.  The compound was supposed to be refrigerated, and I didn’t know if I should run it home, but I did have an appointment with my body worker in 20 minutes and thought, oh, I can just ask Scott to put it in his fridge while I get a treatment.

Went over to Scott’s flat above the projects.  He folded his sheets and we chatted then did an intake concerning my recent performance, training goals, using tech to achieve them and generally what I was feeling with the cold/flu I’m dealing with.  Scott ended up doing a 30 minute chair focusing on the headache, shoulder and neck tension that I was complaining about.  It really helped to relieve and wind me down because I’m all wound up. Afterwards, I thought my Naked Yoga class was at 4:30 but it really was at 6.

So that gave me about an hour and a half to get some bread and wine and lettuce and some cash for the class.  Got home made a chicken sandwich and caught up on this blog.  Headed out to Naked Yoga after getting a phoned in well wish from my wellness expert at the shop.  Appreciated that.

Drove to the Mission and my tank went on E.  Got a good parking spot and walked to the studio.  Actually today is the best I felt all day.  I haven’t taken any of the Codeine in either liquid or tablet form like I’ve been dosing myself up the last two days and all that rest paid off in my wellness.  Class was kind of full and there were some fresh faces.  I feel like a Naked Yoga old timer now, and I surely am.  Honestly, I don’t have as much of a connection with the sub we had today as I do with the Yoga Rock Stars, but I have to give him credit for giving me a good work out.

After which I start the Contour and it barely gurgles up the hill, but I’m able to roll it across the intersection and get the gas going down to the engine where it ignites. I get $10 bucks of gas at the station on 18th and South Van Ness where they sell fried chicken, corn dogs, beer and booze.


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