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I’m feeling really good, healthy and more like myself again.  Got up early and excited to hit the trail but it was like 4 am so I laid in bed, tweeted and finally got up to put the kettle on around 5.  Showered had 2 cups of coffee dicked around with my Forerunner got the gear on and headed out to Golden Gate Park.

Ran my usual route from behind the California Academy of Sciences to the Windmills and back.  Excited to try out new gear like my Nike Structured Training gloves and my Garmin Forerunner 50 heart rate monitor.  My GPS unit for iPhone, RunKeeper, got an upgrade also to my surprise with a savvy interface and an ability to map on the run.  Still kind of miss the old digital layout, but those guys at RunKeeper, Jason et all, are making this the “to have” fitness app available on the iPhone.

Nice misty morning, felt strong, little side tension, I forgot to stretch after and only warmed up a little before.  The usual.  Felt good and solid but my times were slow.

Stat Breakdown:

  • Distance: 6.24 miles
  • Duration: 1:15:41
  • Avg. Pace: 12:07
  • Climbed: 409 feet
  • Burned: 945 calories
  • Avg. HR: 144
  • Max HR: 187

Stopped took pictures, took a dump all the usual.

So the way my training is forming post race is that I am doing a descending taper down on all my flat routes and then I will do a descending taper down of all of my hilly routes.  This will give me time to acquire an annual pass from San Mateo County Parks, then I’ll do Palace to Palace and start working out more on the Pacifica side of San Pedro Mountain and hitting some SM Parks, both mountainous and coastal.

I’ve earned a treat for breakfast now I’m going out to get some.


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