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Although probably one of the least interesting trails I run, the early morning lineup of surfers getting ready to go out or just coming back to shore makes this jaunt worthwhile. At Ocean Beach on the Great Highway I’m always tantalized by the surfer strip tease as they negotiate their wet suits under cover of a beach towel. Of course they look hot in fitted black neoprene all by itself, especially when dripping wet from rinsing down with fresh water to get rid of the salt. It was a morning like this, with a nice lineup, a little surf, the fog burning up way off shore and above the summit of the Marin Headlands when I started out for this morning’s flat run along the Great Highway.

My Garmin HR monitor revealed some deep statistical modes rather randomly. I entered in my weight, gender and distance units in metric. For the record I weigh in at 156.8 pounds or 71.12 kg. according to my last Doctor’s visit. I set my target heart rate zone to 150-183 beats per minute. I walked and began my run at the center divide trail. I discovered a pro way to wear the Garmin, on the inside of the right wrist. That way I can see my statistics in stride by holding my wrist up instead of on my left wrist where I have to twist my wrist around. That’s awkward for gait. I found that on my left wrist the reinforced velcro strap on the wrist support for my Men’s Nike Structured Training Gloves would trigger the start/stop button on my Garmin.

I have to say that those Nike Training Gloves are an essential part of my gear. I have complained before about tingling in my hands, and I think this may be alleviated by the wrist support on these gloves. My hands stay steady and firm, if I clench to hard I can feel it in the tension of the gloves, so I can relax back, also, my wrists don’t jangle up and down, but stay firm. The gloves are a good look, and the yellow striping and swoosh match the trim and swoosh on my Nike shorts, so you see, I’m a fine looking augmented cyborg trail runner. Total.

Managed to stay within the pre-set HR zones. I noticed I would fall below target if I started thinking about the aesthetics of shape and color for Supermodel Eyebrows: lighter for brunettes, darker for blondes. Just look in any high fashion magazine for verification. I also noted how that trend of concentrated thought slowed down my pace. Getting results with my training technology.

Run was uneventful, the weather was great, pumped and strong. At the end of the run I felt in love with my sport. This was a nice distance for me, a nice verification of where I’m at in my training. Still working on tweaking my speed. Next up is Eagle Point at Lands End.

Stat Breakdown:

  • 4.17 mile
  • 44.45 time
  • 10.45 avg. pace
  • 80 ft. climbed
  • 534 cal. burned
  • 150 bpm avg. HR


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