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I suppose it was too beautiful of a morning to waste.  I found myself awake at 4, the intensity of the Gibbous Moon stirring my werewolf, wanting to run through the forest, and chase down the Moon.  I discovered last night that scholarships are being awarded to the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne, so I reviewed the application on my phone.  I also searched for my event, which I couldn’t find listed but I do know its there, somewhere.  After about 20 minutes of this I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep and since today’s run was a short one, got in the shower did the coffee and preparatory tweeting to let myself know, more than anyone else, that I was ready to hit the trail.

When I start up my car and turn the corner its dark with a crepuscular twilite just coming on.  Old Chinese people were across the street from the church doing warm up calisthenics and lined up in front of the church doors getting ready to procure donations from the food bank.  Hit E on the gas gauge a block away down Howard at 8th and pulled into the Chevron across the street from AsiaSF but was not ready to pay $3.13 a gallon. Fortunately my Contour was good enough to get to the ARCO on Fell and Divisadero where I used my cash and some change to get $7.65 worth of unleaded at $2.79 a gallon.  Drove out to the Presidio Golf Course and took some pictures of the Spire in the predawn light but was drawn to the overlook at Inspiration Point, seeing the World in her gauzy night clothes wiping the sleep from her eyes.  A majestic Dawn Mother getting ready to wake.

Out of my car to warm up, fledgeling hawks keening out their territory while proletariat crows crawed back their claims of ownership.  Swarmed a bit by mosquitoes and brushing them away realized how they represented a feast  for early morning avian insectivores.  Was that an owl cruising through the Eucalyptus? At this distance I couldn’t tell. Put on the headphones and began my run from Inspiration Point to Immigrant Point, turning my back to the rising sun and sprinting towards the Spire.

Had to reign in as I started to hyperventilate a bit from pushing to fast so soon.  Found my tempo on the Ridge Trail, which was eerie; tall Eucalyptus and Monterey Pine Women, sisters and cousins, cowering to a pressure that wasn’t there.  Backs bent to a non-existent wind, hunched at the shoulders against the atmospheric lash wielded by the sea, who, at this moment was in repose.  Down Nauman and found part of the trail above the Cemetery is fenced off with chain link  where the Trust is eradicating some trees.

Down Amatury Loop and as I predicted, Red Coyote was crossing the road.  “I saw you before buddy! I know your range and I know where you hunt.  I could tell you where I just saw a vole.”  Continuing up the Ridge Trail being mindful to keep my heart rate at +150 bpm but did see it drop to 146 on occasion. Up the hill, down the hill. Boom! Tread, tread.

Back to the overlook at Inspiration Point and that lady, the Sun, was rising through the mist like a Mother Ship,  draping her rays in the most elegantly self conscious arrangement.  Another runner ran to the view we were sharing and commented, “Why would you want to live anywhere else?” and I replied, “Why would you not want to wake up at 4 in the morning to go on a run on a day like this?”  Why wouldn’t one?


  • 30:57 minutes (27:27 actual)
  • 2.71 miles
  • 11:24 pace
  • 249 ft. climb
  • 435 calories burned
  • 150 bpm avg.
  • 174 bpm max

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  1. I love your writing…

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